2L: The Middle Child of the Law School Family

Today I began my first day of my 2L year. For any non-lawyers or law school students, that means that I am months away from being halfway done with law school. From a legal person point of view, you know how great of a feat this is. For anyone not even remotely associated with the legal field, I’d consider you lucky.

Why, you ask?

Well, law school, at least for me…has not been the roller-coaster up and down ride I was told it would be. Instead, it’s been a slap in the face, downright, worst confidence-ridding experience I’ve ever been through…and that’s saying a lot.

In addition to law school, I spend my free time puking my brains out (and sometimes shitting them away as well), as I have a stomach disorder that refuses to digest any sizable amounts of food…and IBS (that’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome for any non-medical people out there). Basically, I have zero food in my body at most times and I’m expected to be at the top of my academic game at all times. I digress, this blog will be about school…and life outside of it, with occasional rants about coping with chronic sickness as a young professional.

I thought about dropping out of law school last year because it was hard-academically, socially, and emotionally. I spent many a night crying my eyes out simply because of, for lack of a better descriptor, “the pressure got to me.” Now, being faced with a gaggle of health issues, some of which I’ve spared you the worry of in order to highlight my best ones (I joke, no disease is a good disease…ok, mine has made me crazy skinny, so I’m doing what most 20-somethings don’t do and eat like a college fraternity boy…all the time…because if not I’m basically starving), I’m again reconsidering taking a leave from law school, but now for dire health reasons. I was hospitalized several times this summer…and once you’ve been poked, prodded, colonoscopy’d, etc…you start to wonder if you’d be better off watching Netflix from the comfort of a bed, preferably near a bathroom.

Ok, so I figured I’d document this year via blog as an outlet for me and any lonely soul out there who finds this. I’ve blogged before and it was outrageously successful…I talked about online dating. I know, so original. So, I figured I’d try it again-it’s cathartic…so here’s to a year of hopefully strong grades, equally if not stronger stomaches, and less of the downward spiral this past year has taken me.

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