I might have a purple toolkit, but that by no means makes me handy in any sense of the word. In fact, if I can avoid hanging a picture frame for fear of smashing my own finger with a hammer I will…or rather, I’ll attempt to hang it, smash my finger, try and cover up my missed attempts aka holes in the walls, and then give up in despair.

Tonight my lack of handiness took a surprising turn, as I, alone, disassembled my giant California king bed at my apartment. The glory that it once was is now no more…and I’ve resided to the pesky twin that will be taking its place.
It’s bittersweet to leave my apartment. On one hand, I loved having my own space. On the other, I won’t miss the literal elephants that lived above me, the screaming sorority girls that traipsed down the halls with elephant-like (and very boisterous) fraternity boys, or the stark lack of parking I dauntingly dealt with each time I pulled into the complex. Now, I don’t want to generalize that all sorority gals are loud or annoying, as I myself was one…and may have slipped into this undesirable nature many a nights…but at nearly 24, it’s not that cute when a girl dressed as a Playboy Bunny is puking in your elevator and the maintenance staff will take their sweet time (aka sometimes more than a week) to mop it up.
Let’s not talk about the time some meathead decided it was a good idea to fist the elevator button and now it looks like, well, someone punched in the elevator button.
Anywhoo, the packing up process has led to realize I love moving. I love throwing out shit I don’t want, finding stuff I forgot I had, and getting a GREAT workout hauling things all over creation. I could do without the moving minutia like a ridiculous carpet cleaning fee my building is sticking to me when I depart, for the one square of carpet that was literally and completely covered by my giant bed.
Despite the frustrations though, I think once all the fizz of the move has settled down, I think I’ll be able to start refocusing a bit better on getting healthier. I stumbled upon a blog earlier this week called Life, Redefined…and the author’s tagline about how everyone needs to do a bit of this really spoke to me. I’m not sure if she’ll ever read this, but that affirmation that I’m not alone in this process and others like myself are going against the tide to set themselves upright is really empowering.
So, even though I feel tattered and totally worn out, perhaps these next few weeks will be the storm before the calm? (I know the phrase goes the other way…).
Until Soon,

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