I’m sure this will sound canned and cheesy from the get-go, but have you ever met someone that just made you smile and made you reconsider what you’re doing with your life?

Well, tonight I went to a book signing for Juli Bauer and Vanessa Barajas, and while I’ve never met nor personally know either of these women, for two-ish hours, I felt like I did.

While I’m sure both women were eager to make this stop on their book tour as successful as possible, both Juli and Vanessa exuded happiness and confidence. They were personable as they answered questions, and even offered food suggestions when I told them how I’d come upon their books because I was looking for food alternatives to fit my dietary oddities.

I’m not sure if I’m going to go 100% paleo tomorrow, or even sign up to get my fitness together at a crossfit gym. What I do know is is that there are kind-hearted people out there that genuinely want to make the world a better place. I don’t think a cookbook can change the world, but tonight it’s changed my perspective from feeling sorry for myself that I spend the majority of my days refreshing my online classes for new content (which usually doesn’t happen because the other 99% of my classmates have lives outside of the program), or sick in a bathroom where I can’t really multi-task doing anything else.

Le sigh. I don’t know what it takes to make a blog successful, but I’m determined to make something out of this experience. So to date I know the following things upset my stomach: gluten (aka buns, breads, and chips of really any kind), nuts (oh my goodness nuts…literally instant sickness…buh bye, my one true love, pecan pie), fruits with seeds or skins (strawberries and tomatoes are the only thing coming to mind), fatty foods (ribs, avocados, deep-fried anything, ice cream)…and I think that’s it.

Perhaps with trying different foods, and definitely in smaller quantities, I might be able to not puke every five seconds (okay, it’s a bit longer than that). I know that I too want to make a lasting impact in this world, and maybe that will come out of being so sick for no reason (to date). I do have three specialist doctor appointments set up in the coming weeks…if not, I’ve been told the Mayo Clinic is the perfect place for an oddity like myself.

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