A Bookish Beginning

So in all of this extra time, I may have developed a slight obsession…with books. For whatever reason, I’ve been drawn to starting/revamping my collection of literary works to read and enrich mahself with new ideas, perspectives, and outlooks on life (are those all the same thing?).

The top of my pile includes: Down the Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison, Never Broken by Jewel, and Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford.

The first is a guilty-pleasure, reality tv-esque memoir about a former Playboy bunny’s time at the “mansion” and how she evolved to become a savvy business woman married to the guy who owns/runs music festivals like EDC in Las Vegas.

The second is a memoir about a singer who was literally born in a barn in Alaska, spent much of her younger years hitchhiking and other “rebellious” things, and then was discovered by a radio station in Southern California and became a Grammy-award winning music artist.

The third book is a work of fiction (soon to be turned into a movie), about a girl who moves to the east coast in the hopes of climbing the ever-exclusive social ladder that is the elite of Manhattan, but learns this rising in social strata comes at a cost. I’m most excited to read this one, as it was written by a woman educated at very prestigious schools (Harvard and Exeter Academy), but who now writes for the New York Times as a criminal reporter in Brooklyn. The grit meets the glamor is something that intrigues me…plus, apparently it’s a book about a 20-something discovering herself, and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do on this blog!

That’s all for now. Until Soon,


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