Bionic Puppy

This afternoon I brought my nine-month old puppy home from the hospital. She had the first of two operations to help fix hip dysplasia that showed up on x-rays when she was spayed. I suppose as I document my own recovery, I can do the same for her as she goes through her own healing process.

The drive home was a bit tense as she squealed in anticipation of pain at every bump and turn. I have to use a sling to help hoist her back legs, as she is unwilling to put any weight on the leg that was operated on (and reasonably so).

Right now she is sleeping. A few moments ago I attempted to give her some of her medication (she has a whole pharmacy to deal with the surgery), and the little booger figured out a way to not only avoid the pill, but to pop it with her teeth so the powder fell all over her inflatable collar (she HATES the plastic cone ones).

I’m a bit worried given her aggressive tendencies to avoid being touched when in pain…and these worries were confirmed seconds ago as I tried to give her dinner (without any hidden medications), and she gave me a growl that literally brought me to tears.

Here’s hoping the next few days post-op aren’t as terrible as they look to be.

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