The Possibility That Lies Within Impossibility

Welp, it had been several days since the last time I threw up. IBS symptoms, not so much. I thought I was actually over the daily puking, and then about an hour or two post-mexican food, it hit me like a child running head-on into a glass door.

In other news, I found out last night that after many phone calls and arguing, a car insurance claim my beau was trying to file was approved. It was for a part that malfunctioned a couple of weeks ago, nearly a year after his car was almost completely rebuilt after an accident. Apparently the shop should have totaled it, but wanted the job, so listed damages just under the “totaled” amount…which included not fixing this part.

If this part had been for anything else-air conditioning, fuel efficiency, or some other car fixture I don’t know the name for, it would likely have gone unnoticed. However, not to stereotype that body shop cut the wrong corner, this part controlled the power steering to the car, so when it went out, buh-bye trying to turn the car in any direction.

At first my guy was very passive about the incident, but when he noticed that the amount he had to pay out of pocket coincided with nearly a whole installment of tuition, he became a bit uncomfortable. Needless to say, in stepped my inner bitch (okay, I showcase it on the outside too sometimes, on occasion), and I got on the phone and hollered at the adjuster who was dodging his phone calls (thanks, caller id), and was flat-out giving false information (like there was only one adjuster for the whole city).

So after I mentioned it looked pretty bad to selectively repair a near-totaled car, the adjuster’s tune changed from “it’s a courtesy that I’m even talking to you,” to “I’m terminating this call.” Ah well, I’m sure her boss (who she wouldn’t let me speak to) and Yelp would be very interested in this professional interaction on behalf of a such a helpful employee.

I guess there is always a silver lining to any tough situation…and talking to this woman made conversing with a brick wall look enjoyable.

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