Literally Blind as a Bat…

The title to this post so aptly describes my state of existence. I can only hope that what I’m typing actually looks like words and not a bunch of gobbltygoop. So two days ago I saw a stomach specialist to help me figure out what’s going on with my health. His suggestions were uneventful, but included the following:

-seeing a dietician…but I don’t see the value in that when I’m puking up any kind of food or drink

-do a test call the “smart pill” to figure out if there are any anomalies in my body…but the plus to this treatment is it’s only offered one day a week and to only one patient per week.

-finally, the least invasive, but likely culprit of my current sad state of affairs is a prescription equivalent to a sea sick path. The good news is I was able to eat with it on without feeling too nauseous; the bad is that I literally can’t see anything close to my face. This was especially fun to wake up to and not be able to turn off my alarm. I guess now I can appreciate how frustrating it is for someone losing their eyesight. Sight is probably one of my favorite senses…and to not have it, or have it so erratically, is quite scary.

Initially I thought the blindness was only temporary, so I took off the patch and waited for it to wear down. Needless to say, 12 hours later and I still can’t see. I’m typing this from such a distance, I’m probably straining my already fragile limbs.

Ah well, blind bat signing off!

Until Soon,


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