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A blogger I follow recently did a post on a quote by Randy Pausch: “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just the way we play the hand.” I don’t think more true words could ever be said. It’s fact that we all have our own crosses to bear, whether that be internally, externally, physically, or mentally. To some, my feats of daily puking etcetera would be no big deal compared to something else. To others, what I’ve gone through, at least when I’ve briefly described it makes their one horrible night of food poisoning look pleasant. The point is, we all have experiences that come our way, and we can either duck and cover, or embrace the rumbles and tumbles as they come.

For me, I was more a duck and cover person who hid at the sight of trouble. However, now that I’ve been literally knocked to my knees because of some of the health issues I’ve had, I haven’t really had any other choice but to embrace the waves that have overtaken me…whether that be sickness, school work, or family drama. One must make the decision to complain, or to be creative and find solutions to problems. Just like the Common Core approach to education that’s sweeping classrooms across the nation, if I learned one thing about it, it’s that life is convoluted, and so are the answers to the situations it finds us. It seems like staying positive and finding that silver lining is really what “life” or what have you, is all about.

I don’t think the phrase, “grin and bear it” is a good piece of advice, because that means one is putting off expressing emotions that are completely valid and that need acknowledgement. Sometimes acknowledging struggles and discomfort is necessary before one can move forward.

Anywhoo, I thought this was fitting advice for approaching the middle of week. I think we could all use a little motivation to plough through obligations until we reach the holidays…and then set forth new goals and obligations to achieve in the new year!

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