Tis the Season

Christmas has come and gone, and NYE is on the horizon. As I look back at the past few days, it’s crazy to think that what was once exclusively a religious celebration has turned into a bargain hunting madness people get into fights over parking spots at the mall for.

Health-related, life seems to be a bit more normal. I’ve started a new regimen of medication that keeps the vomit at bay. Surprisingly, it was quite difficult to get the $10/pill fee exempted through insurance, but after lots of faxed over medical records, I think the cost to not puke will be much less when I refill my dosage.

I finished my two final classes of my first Masters degree strong with two A’s. Up next is my thesis in January, which will probably take one to two months to complete. While I wrap that up, I will also be starting my MBA…which is slightly frightening. I hate numbers and math, and my first class is exclusively managerial accounting. Oh dear. I guess we’ll see how it goes once I get started.

Anyway, just thought I’d check in and say the tides are looking much calmer these days.

Until Soon,


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