New Year, New Veuve on Life

I’d like to give credit where it is due, but for whatever reason, I can’t put my finger on where I heard this sentiment the other day. Basically, the gist was that New Year’s Eve shouldn’t be the only time people kickstart change in their lives. You can do it tomorrow, you can do it today, you can do it in ten months. The point is, the change will come about when you make the decision to. So for me, I guess my resolution to record my journey sans law school started a few months ago.

It’s been rough to say the least. I really miss my puppy, like every day. The tugging, gnawing absence I feel about her lessens a bit every day, but I think I cushion it by making jokes of how things remind me of her, or funny quirks she used to do.

In the same line with loss comes renewal. I’ve decided that for 2016, my resolution that I’m starting today is to write a list of my five fabushitty highlights from my day. So for instance, today:

1) I went to the mall with my mom to return a ring I got for my sister that broke…and while in line for the return, found awesome matching shirts for the three of us that I had been eyeing for weeks, at nearly 70% off! We even got money back from the ring return after purchasing the shirts!!

2) I had an excellent NYE last night with my sister, boyfriend, and college friend. While it wasn’t as rambunctious as some nights in college, it was the perfect amount of pop, fizz, and clink to leave me smiling this morning.

3) The door to the hallway that connects mine and my sister’s bedrooms to the rest of the house jammed shut this evening, locking me and my dad on one side, my sister and mom on the other. While I was pretty frustrated at first as I was literally behind the door as it shut on my way to get things done, I mellowed out and think a more mellow approach should be taken to more frustrating situations I may encounter in the future.

4) A woman I met in college who has become known as the first professional bridesmaid, sent me her book “All My Friends Are Engaged” and I’m quite excited to make it my first 2016 read.

5) I’m excited to have 364 (is it a leap year?) days to make lots of memories and memorable moments. On the list will hopefully be: successfully submitting my notary renewal paperwork when it arrives, retaking and passing a law school ethics exam (missed it by literally one point last time), graduating with one Master’s in May, resuming law school in the fall, and starting up my MBA in two weeks!

That’s all for now! Until Soon,


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