Two Days, Because Yesterday Was L.A.

If I had more curiosity, I’d google why Los Angeles is the “City of Angels.” Needless to say, everyone calls it this, but few know why. And tonight, I’ll leave myself as part of the majority that does not, for now. I know in my previous post I said I’d do 5 reasons every day, but I’d like to whittle it down to three. Boohoo, I’m already skimping on my to-dos for the new year. But hear me out-I’d like these three to have purpose: 1) Good/great thing that happened today 2) Sad/Unpleasant/Eh moment that happened today 3) One goal for tomorrow/this week/this month/this year.

I think by doing this I’ll be able to really focus on what’s important, and then when I look back on this in 361 or so days, I’ll see all of my progress and what really mattered to me at that moment. So for yesterday, because I was out and about in L.A.


1) Got to see my sister’s photography on display at a digital art museum, taste the world famous banana pudding/cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery, and overall have a really wonderful day with my family

2) Still having difficulty with the reflux…but that could be fixed by taking my medications at more regular timings each day

3) Take my first MBA class seriously next week and not get too overwhelmed by it


1) Got to see a childhood friend of my family, Megan, and her boyfriend, Colin and have lunch with them; finally tried to make apple/watermelon juice and it was DELICIOUS

2) Super upset stomach…and lots of reflux…still

3) Clean at least my table off tonight from all the clutter that’s amassed on it

Ahh, it feels so nice to write this all out. I was thinking I might keep the three things in a journal instead of turning on my computer each day, but maybe it will be a good check in…plus in a week I’ll need to be on almost every day for classes. I guess what doesn’t scare you, don’t push you to try new things.

Until Soon,


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