When You Hit a Nerve

I think posting every two days, instead of every day, is more realistic. So for my list of three yesterday:

1) I most enjoyed making french onion soup with my boyfriend using his new pressure cooker. It was so delicious.

2) I least enjoyed eating too much afterwards.

3) I think I’d like to look towards committing and making plans to returning to law school in the fall.


1) I most enjoyed running for the first time in months, probably since a 5K in October, and then before that it was probably during the summer. I’m going to try to make at least 20 minutes to exercise every day. I ran a very slow 17ish minute mile with lots of pauses and slow walking…but burned around 100+ calories. I also tried inclines for the first time and it wasn’t too bad for short distances.

2) I disliked acupuncture today, as the doctor hit a nerve (hence the title of this post) that literally sent my arm numb. After many tears and further pain from the already placed needles (because tension worsens them), I recovered and finished the treatment.

3) I am most looking forward to making more progress with my online sales and to get another part of my room clean. Maybe under the table or the egg chair next to it?

In other news, it’s been almost a week (minus one incident today) without serious vomit. I take blame for today’s incident, as I probably shouldn’t have had a burrito from Rubio’s with guacamole AND white sauce AND cheese AND salsa…oh well, it was delicious. I’m looking forward to a dinner party on Thursday with friends from law school, and then going away for the weekend with the boy.

I’m finding law school looks less anxiety-producing with less on my plate…Maybe something to start living by…

Until Soon,


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