Eyes Wide Open

Welp, I kind of majorly failed on blogging every day or two on what I’m thankful for. However, maybe being offline is what motivated me to get more done. As of today, I’ve:

-registered to retake an exam I need to become an attorney after law school (I missed it by one point last time)

-started to set up my eBay store with regular updates and items

-started to clean more of my room

-working on getting better at ignoring little stresses that don’t have a big impact on my overall happiness

-making a concerted effort to hang out with people and enjoy their company

-I’m also about halfway through my first MBA class, and the cakewalk part of it is over…now it’s  actually kicking my butt, but it’s a welcomed challenge

The meds I’m on for the incessant vomit have helped SO much. Like, it’s crazy to think there was a huge period in my life where I just couldn’t keep anything down, ever.

Anywhoo, between school and some freelance legal jobs, I’m trying to get back into normalcy…but every now and again, like yesterday, symptoms strike like no other and I retire to my porcelain throne.

Until Soon,


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