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I have always had clear intentions with this blog-to document my year off from law school, my recovery from whatever mysterious stomach ailment I had, and to see my then-puppy through some major hip surgeries.

As it stands now, I am still here, but sadly, my furry companion is not. I have kinda-sorta figured out what was wrong with my stomach, and through an assortment of furiously refusing certain types of foods, some proton pump inhibitor medication, and a whole lot of vomit and diarrhea, I’m less sick than I was six months ago, but still not without daily bouts of phlegm, upset stomachs, and regurgitated everything.

I think for this blog, going forward, I would really like to write with purpose about something in particular each time I sign on. I can’t promise I will write every day, but I can promise that my posts will each have their own point.

Today was a rather productive day, at least thus far. Morning pilates with my mom, a quick run to the post office to send off some packages, and now delving into my last chapter of MBA homework before the final this weekend. To be totally honest, I’m quite nervous about this exam. Perhaps it was the disclaimer that I need “excellent wifi, because there is only one login per student per exam.” Aka, if my internet goes out, I’m screwed.

Anywhoo, I guess for today, my nugget of knowledge is how much I really appreciate making lists. Overrated, analytical, excessive, I know; but I think there’s a beauty in pouring your energy into it once (at least per day), and then that little pleasure you get when you cross something off. I mean, if you don’t have paper, on your phone or in your head can certainly do. However, I’m finding the mental notes thing is not as keen as it was when I was seven and only had a to-do of “buy string cheese, buy new keds, do addition homework.”

Now my lists look more like “book flight to sister’s graduation (oh dear, I’m months behind on this), file Notary commission before it lapses (shit, shit, shit), and try not to fail your first MBA class (it’s only accounting, WHO am I kidding, it’s so hard).”

I think once we are able to parse out what’s actually worth spending our time thinking about and can filter out the unnecessary (think Facebook, group texts, all the scrolls in Snapchat and Instagram), it’s much easier to stay focused and complete tasks on that checklist.

Speaking of focus, I think I’ll sign off now to go bust out my last MBA chapter before the midterm. Here’s hoping there are less numbers and more pictures!

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