A Daily Choice

Whether it’s a relationship, school, a job, taking care of a pet or family member, or even a friendship to some degree…remaining in a commitment requires daily commitment.

I choose to be here.

It may seem simple, but I’ve found that even when I’m doing something that is literally the last thing on earth I’d want to be doing (accounting homework, for example), by making a daily choice that it’s still something I will put effort towards helps me get through it.

Case and point, I got an “A” in my first MBA accounting class…and I literally thought I was going to fail it. Not that I was getting bad grades (which I definitely was struggling at the beginning), but I just couldn’t wrap my head around the terms and spreadsheets. A few months later, I had gotten the hang of it and somehow pulled of a good grade on the final.

I know people rant and rave about mindsets and positive attitudes, but I think there’s some value in all the hogwash. By having dedication to something I would do anything, including dishes, to avoid, I was able to come out successful.

I think the same is true for relationships. Yeah, your significant other may not have every single quality you’d have in an ideal mate. However, first, that ideal mate is probably only in your head; and two, if the good outweighs the bad, why mess with a good thing? My mate, for example, could definitely use a little boost in the confidence department…but seeing where he’s at now compared to even a few years ago…it’s like EONS of difference.

I understand not everyone has such a fire lit under their ass that they can’t stop moving like yours truly. I also get that some just take a little time and encouragement to get there. Maybe raising a puppy again is a good learning experience for me, because we’ve really been learning as we go along.

The other night I got mad at him for trying to bite me and smacked his little nose to not do it. Instantly I felt bad and apologized and made sure it was okay. It wasn’t very hard, but hard enough that he gave me these eyes like “what did I do?” I asked my mom what to do, and she simply replied “now you know what it’s like to be a parent.” Well, shit. If parenting is all about making mistakes and hoping your kid doesn’t remember them, then I’m going to need a very forgetful kid, or at least a very forgiving one, as I foresee a lot of living and learning.

Anywhoo, practice every day not giving up and reminding yourself why you started. Nearly a month into puppy raising and I think he likes me (or at least he likes my bed that he’s currently napping in). One class shy of one master’s degree, and now a few more classes into another…maybe going back to law school will be easier than all the plates I’m currently juggling?

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