Overwhelming, Just a Little Bit

You know that feeling where you start to feel like you’re drowning…and one second you’ve got a handle on everything you’re juggling, and the next moment you feel like crying?

Well, that’s been my morning. I was all pumped today when I woke up. I ran a 5k with my best friend AND both my parents yesterday, and that was like cloud nine for feeling like I was finally in control of my body. We finished well under an hour (30-40 minutes I think, despite me having to desperately pee after mile 1…should’ve used the plethora of port-a-potties available)…and my parents also finished just under the one hour mark. I’m so proud of them for finally following through on a big health goal like running/walking/doing something like a 5k.

Welp, so I woke up happy and feeling accomplished…only to remember and start worrying about a call I had with the dean of my law school to discuss coming back. All in all it was a good conversation, but the moments leading up to the call were nothing short of unpleasant. I’m not sure if it was dinner from last night, stress from this morning, or due to shenanigans with the boy, but it was EXPLOSIVE diarrhea that was so bad I wanted to cry.

Forget about having a composed conversation with the person who ultimately could block my re-admittance…I was worried I would flush myself away.

Needless to say it did eventually stop, but I just barely made it to answer my phone.

Anywhoo, on top of all of this, it’s the final countdown to my law school ethics exam this weekend, plus the first week of my next MBA class. This class is coincidently about business ethics, and the requirements are sky-high with weekly writing assignments that have word limits longer than most newspapers.

On the upside, my puppy is adjusting well (still), so that’s good. I’m kinda looking forward to going back to law school, minus the whole going there, sitting in class and worrying about where the closest restroom is if another incident like today creeps up.

But I guess I can’t worry about tomorrow if I don’t get through today. So on that note, I’m off to take a simulated exam for the law ethics test, and then maybe look at the readings for the MBA class. OH. And almost forgot, I must cleverly put together a gift for my boyfriend, as today is his birthday.

Literally so many things, so little time. I so desperately wish I could clone myself to do all the busywork, while my other self did all the schoolwork.

Le sigh.

Until Soon,


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