Renewed and Somewhat Refreshed

In an attempt to justify an extended absence from writing, I just returned from the most incredible, six-day trip in the Pacific Northwest with my boyfriend. It was incredible because it was a series of moments that were just about us-no family, no work (for the most part), and nothing else to really worry about.

As we traipsed around different cities, took planes and trains and countless ubers, I learned to trust him unconditionally. That’s not to say that I haven’t prior to this trip, but this was different, and it was exhilarating. Of course we had our speed bumps, the worst of which almost ended in a break up over miscommunications and hookups that happened when we first started dating…but overall it was a great, somewhat spontaneous trip to just “be.”

It was also really nice that for the most part, I didn’t get any GI symptoms, at least not upper ones (yay, no puking awkwardly in the street!). However, less than 24 hours after I got home I had some of the worst choking/almost passing out puking moments I’ve had in a while…not to be outdone by tonight’s vomiting performance…

Tonight is also the night before my sister heads back across the country to finish her last semester of college, and then she’ll be moving home for a few years before departing again for medical school if all goes to plan. I have to say, as much as I’ve gotten used to her absence these last few years, it’s been nice having her home for a bit.

That being said, I’m also anxiously waiting to find the perfect spot to move out of my childhood home and in with the beau. Despite his mom’s mockery that our trip was us playing “house” because we’re not married and were likely sharing the same hotel bed all week (wow, breaking all kinds of rules), it just feels right. Plus, I could do with a few more naps in exchange for all the time we’ve been spending commuting to one another.

On the schedule for this week is:

-looking at a place with our real estate guy

-two sizable papers for my MBA class

-putting together an anniversary present for the boy

-finishing all paperwork and final writeup for my negotiation master’s program

-lunch date with a friend from college

-two book signings-one with an author I’ve seen speak before about his previous book, one about real estate (scrounging for any advice on setting up my own place

…and that’s about it, I think. A fun moment from today was that my puppy was the only one that knew how to consistently sit at his puppy training class. I was such a proud human…

Anywhoo, off to sleep to try and crank out these papers around the house showing tomorrow.

Until Soon,


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