It’s Called a Game For a Reason

I never quite understood why real estate purchases were considered a “gaming endeavor” on television…until I partook in the festivities.

Since I moved out of my swanky apartment that was across the street from where I was going to law school, I’ve been on the hunt for housing. In the interim, I moved home with my parents, because who better to hear me puke and die in the bathroom at all hours of the day and night? Right? It was also easier to consolidate all of my things and to just focus on doctor appointments and eating things that didn’t cause insta-vomit with a little extra help.

As of the last few months, I’ve come down with a lovely case of cabin fever. It dawned on me that my sister was going to be moving home from college on the east coast in a few weeks, and then shit, we’re back to sharing a bathroom and being in intimate proximity of one another. She’s not a bother to say the least, but it stressed me out having to coordinate puking times and shitting times around her shower times and normal human use of our shared commode.

Cue the lights, camera, reality real estate episode. My mom and I started to go to open houses we saw online or in the paper, and one fateful Sunday afternoon, we waltzed into a several million dollar home (so not in my budget), but just for shits and giggles. The home was gorgeous, rigged up with all kinds of fancy fixtures (talking Japanese toilet, anyone) and accessories.

We got to talking with the real estate agent, and long story short, we clicked, he said he liked working with young people because apparently we have so much promise, and that was that. The next day I got an email from him, and I think it was later that week or the next week we got to looking at potential houses.

I should preface my parents aren’t looking at buying me a house, but rather making an investment in a property that I could live in/fix up/get some much needed space to do my own thing.

Now it gets to the exciting stuff! After what seemed like endless weeks of houses that were either in such bad neighborhoods and disrepair that all the hail mary’s in the world couldn’t save it, or such a bad flip job that the floor wasn’t glued down and the walls were peeling off…we finally found a place that had enough potential and livability, we submitted an offer.

Days went by without hearing anything from the seller…but come to find out it was an attorney’s hold up because the home we were interested in is tied up in a trust, and part of the money from the sale is going to a university. Fast-forward to tomorrow afternoon, when all of the SIX offers made will be presented to the family…and one decision will be made.

I’m crossing my fingers and toes and nose (if I could) that we “win,” but I really have no idea how this game works. It’s like a bad eBay experience, because you have no idea how high someone is submitting an offer…and I went into this thinking you offer less than the asking price…welp, for this home, only offers well above asking are being considered.

The little voice inside my head that likes a good deal is quietly crying.

Small tears aside, it’s an exciting but equally as frustrating process. Maybe it’s a good thing so many people want in on this little gem…but maybe all that interest will push our offer off the table.

Anywhoo, as the stress piles on, I just found out results for the lawyer ethic exam come out next week. CUE ALL OF THE EMOTIONS. I hope to God I passed. If I didn’t, I’ll for sure shit a brick and then drink a bottle of wine before accepting the fact that I’ll have to live in a never-ending episode of Groundhog day…reliving this stupid test until I pass it.

Enough angst for the night. Hopefully there is good news to report anon.

Until Soon,


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