Everything, All At Once

Yesterday, well, specifically last night, was a whirlwind of things.

The anxiety of the impending housing situation was at full-blast, and let’s just say my nerves got the best of me. I was shitting up a storm and it wouldn’t stop…so I had to miss a book signing that I was looking forward to going to.

It made it a little better that this was for an author whom I’d met at his last book’s signing…but still, going to see him was no comparison to my dreary morning and afternoon in the bathroom. Luckily my parents were still able to go, and they even got my book personalized because the author remembered me from last time!

Anywhoo, while this was happening, and likely the culprit behind my GI issues o’the day, was that the seller’s real estate agent was supposed to get back to use by 4pm, and 6pm passed without a peep. I didn’t know if this silence meant we didn’t get it, we were still in the running, or what! Needless to say, everyone in my proximity only worsened the anxiety by asking me if I knew what was up.

The next exciting, well, abrupt happening of the night was an employee of my parents’ business who up and quit after 18 years. She left mid-shift, didn’t bother to do it in person, and just called my mom to tell her “she should know why” she was leaving. Clueless, my mom didn’t know what to say…but it was a breath of fresh air to know this person who complained all the time and left other employees uncomfortable with her curt behavior was the cause of her own demise.

Cue this morning, at seven-thirty on the dot, and my puppy comes waltzing in my bedroom with both of my parents, who had giant smiles on their faces. Well-before my alarm was supposed to go off, I slowly emerged from the depths of my cavernous pillows, only to be greeted with “we got the house!” Holy shit, wow.

As it turns out, it was only a bit above our initial offer, so there wasn’t some crazy bidding war (that we know of). This morning and afternoon we’ve spent calling everyone from the home inspection guy, to the insurance guy, to the gardener to make sure things are up to par before the boy and I (plus creatures) move in.

On top of all of this, I had a really productive conversation with my contact for my Negotiation Masters thesis project.

All in all, such a change from yesterday. OH. I also made the most delicious “green drink.” It was comprised of: watermelon, celery, apples, and spinach! No kale, but still felt great after drinking it and it wasn’t a struggle to sip it down.

Off to go make it to another book signing that I’m luckily ok enough to go to (knock on all the wood)…and funnily enough, it’s about buying homes and renovating them!

I guess you could say it’s been a stressful few days, but the outcome all around of everything bustling around has been really positive.

Until Soon,


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