The Termites’ll Get Ya!

In the flurry of closing sale on a new home comes with needing to do an inspection to make sure everything is ok to live in. Initially everything looked good, even great for the age of the house (think Woodstock and platform shoes). However, this pleasant perception was quickly shattered as the inspector (who was so awesome in a grandpa-kinda way) went room by room and pointed out what was wrong.

Initially it was small things-cracked linoleum floor, closet doors made without tracks in the carpet so they swung out when you moved them and a broken oven.

Then we graduated to more serious things like a smashed vent in the attic that was for the heating/air, termite damage in an area, an improperly attached porch, OH, and the greatest one of all, a roof that’s falling apart and has pipes inside it filled with asbestos.

Needless to say my dreams of quickly moving out of my parents and into a shabby but chic new place with the boy were donezo.

Luckily my parents were on board with not doing any cosmetic fixes like the floor/carpeting and painting unless everything else was ok too. So, as it looks now, we’ll be meeting with a contractor next week and then hopefully starting a major renovation before summer.

Goodbye gingerbread-esque little house, hello modern home.

Now to figure out how to cope at home for another year (or longer…I have no idea how long a thorough renovation can last).

Anywhoo, on the itinerary for tomorrow is happy hour with a friend from elementary school, whose mom recommended us the fabulous inspector!

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