Don’t Go Breaking My House

So we’ve got the house…and now we need to make it a home! Sounds easier than it actually is. When we first started looking at places, I went into it thinking we’d get an old home, fix it up while we lived there, and ta-da. Nope. Not how it works.

We did get the old home, but with that came termites, a roof that was crumbling into pieces, construction code violations up the wazoo, uneven flooring, and electrical circuiting from 60+ years ago. Needless to say our tiny reno has suddenly ballooned into a giant remodel…and it’ll be nearly a year if all goes to plan before we can scoot our little butts inside.

The plus to this situation is that I don’t have to live with popcorn ceilings and asbestos, the minus is I’ll have to live at home with my parents for a while longer in a house that’s literally bursting at the seams with other people coming in and out of it.

Another plus is I’ll get to design the house how I’d like…hello, walk in closet (budget, providing). I’ve come to terms with my housing situation for the time-being, and it helps that I’ve got a lot of things going on to keep me busy.

On that list I’ve got:

-oneish more week of my negotiation program

-one more week until a blogger conference I’m going to with my mom

-two more weeks of this ethics MBA class

-three weeks until graduation from said negotiation program

-a little over a month before going back to law school for summer school (one class plus volunteering at a pro bono legal clinic for veterans)

-mix in a few concerts and weekend trips with the boy, my sister’s graduation from college, and lots of puppy obedience and agility classes…and I’ve got myself a jam-packed summer.

My symptoms are still bogging me down, but I swear, after four imodium, my body forgets it was even sick…at least for a little bit.

The vomiting has let up a bit, but tonight it was full-force choking on dinner as it came up. That’s what I get for eating flaky pastry from a pot pie…not stomach regurg-friendly.

Anywhoo, that’s my latest and greatest (the highlights if you will). I’m hoping to have a better idea about the direction for the house later this week when we meet with the architect. I also cleaned up my room a bit, so that’s got me in higher spirits because I’m not drowning in laundry and throw pillows everywhere.

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