That’s a Wrap!

This afternoon I got an email that confirmed I have completed and passed my thesis for my negotiation master’s degree. Relieved, confident, happy-so many emotions. It’s overwhelming to think that nearly a year and some later, I have finally finished at least one thing that I’ve set to do in the last few years. While law school may be on hold for a few more months, getting this done was a big “yes, I can do this.”

The rush of confidence I felt reading my professor’s note about how successful my project went really made me feel good. For something I worried about for months on end, it’s finally done. I guess it’s like cooking-sometimes you have no idea how the dish will turn out. Will the soufflé burn or not stay up? Will the pudding set or stay like a bowl of water?

This was just a giant triumph that I needed to boost through this last week and a half of my mba ethics class. The next few weeks will be non-stop travel with my and my sister’s graduations. I can’t wait for the future, really. For once, in a really, really long time, I’m really excited about the future.

On the docket for the next while:

-the boyfriend’s sister’s 30th birthday tonight…although I think instead of a really dirty thirty like I want to have (drinks and thunder from down under, anyone?), it’s going to be some sprinkles cupcakes and a mellow dinner with some early-bird specials.

-blogger conference with my momma for mother’s day celebrations. I think we’re going to get all dolled up and get really fancy for it.

-starting a new set of training classes for the puppy, as today was his last day of “puppy” classes. Now he’s graduating to “obedience” and then “agility.” I felt like a proud mom when we took our class picture today haha.

-graduation announcements have all been sent, so now I have to play catch-up with the ever-growing pile of notes and cards.

I think that’s about it for highlights.

From cloud nine to wherever you may be lyin’,


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