Snotty in Paradise

Don’t ya just hate it when you get sick and suddenly your day/week has gone to shit? Well, Monday I started to get that tickle in my throat and i thought I had just lost my voice. Fast-forward to 2am Wednesday morning and that tickle has turned into full-blown night sweats and misery.
I’ve never wanted water so badly, but my body was so achey I couldn’t even get up. When I get sick, it’s kind of like a “I give up, I guess this is it” feeling. I know there isn’t a whole lot I can do to get better faster. Yeah I hydrate and take all the meds from anti-congestion to anti-cough and fever suppressant. At the end of the day, I’m so medicated I’m shitting myself with side effects.
There kind of is a beauty in a cold where you have to take a step back and go “wow, ok.” I try and give myself at least a couple of hours of feeling sorry for myself to sleep it off but then I put on a bra, albeit a sports bra, and try to get on with some semblance of a day.
In today’s society, we really don’t allow ourselves to be sick. It’s crazy to think that what’s an inconvenience and major issue to me today was something I would beg and pray for as a kid in order to miss school. Now, the idea of missing obligations and commitments because of mucus and fevers seems ridiculous.
I can’t even spell-check this because my head is so congested…I’ve felt like I’ve got the best and worst hangover ever these last few days because of the cold. Coming to you from snot central, I’ll sign off now before I go into a rant about something nonsensical.
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