Less Really Can Mean More

In my head, I had this great post about how excited I was to start back up at law school…but then life got super complicated and busy, and I literally didn’t even have time to take a shower.

At my orientation for my new job-I’m working with military veterans-I was literally on cloud nine. My job was solely to help people with real problems. I could do this. And then I went to my night class and was super overwhelmed by classmates who were fresh out of their first year of law school and on top of everything. I felt like the grandma in the class who had just popped out of retirement and was trying to keep up with the kids.

Needless to say it’s been a game of catch-up, trying to get in all the hours I can at the clinic where our main attorneys are always on the go or on maternity leave…plus trying to navigate the language of a law class. It’s exhausting.

I’ve almost forgotten the time commitment-I’m literally at work from 8 or 9 in the morning until 4 or 5 at night, and then class from 7-9.30pm. It’s basically an all-day affair, and if I make the half hour trek home, I can take a quick nap before I have to jet back to campus (godwilling there’s no traffic).

Right now I think it’s a good busy, but last night for a good hour, I was freaking out because I had just realized that my MBA classes started today, and I hadn’t done anything for them.

I took a quick peak at the syllabus and that’s when everything started to fall apart. This class was more involved than anything I’d ever taken, and it was going to require weekly live meetings, which is something so rare in the online education world…and honestly, it was a huge reason I didn’t think I could do the class. With my schedule and frank lack of time for what I’d already committed to, this was the straw that broke my camel (and ever so hunched-over) back.

Frantically, I tried to get in contact with the office to figure out what to do, and to no avail. Just a few minutes ago I found out that my request had been processed and I made the tough decision to not take any MBA classes while resuming law school classes. This was probably one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make recently-in large part because last summer, I juggled four negotiation classes, a law school class at night, and worked nearly full-time at a law firm.

As I sit here, I realize that what I did last summer was probably the tipping point that set off my symptoms into overdrive. Now, I’m starting to realize that less really can mean more…it’s all about how you frame the situation. Today, I want to do well in my law school commitments, so taking on new MBA commitments could jeopardize doing well in both programs.

Maybe the key isn’t trying to have it all-but giving your all to what you’ve currently got. At least that’s the mantra I’m going with for the week, amidst so much craziness in the world today. I’d write a whole post on the violence and tragedy that engulfed the country, but the only thing that comes to mind is that music video, “Where Is The Love?”

Ahh, now back to law school homework.

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