To be totally honest, it’s really hard to stay focused and calm when the diarrhea gods decide your stomach can’t digest anything properly. I think my current situation is in part due to some half-cooked chicken from a bbq last night, where the meat was cooked by an iphone’s dimly lit screen…and in part due to an overwhelming amount of stress related to my first law school exam since I took leave last summer.

It’s been a series of comical errors. I needed to speak with the accommodations department about scheduling my exam, only to find out the head person couldn’t be bothered to help, and her second-in-command is on vacation until literally the day before my test. I email her asking for a more timely response, and she bitches back that I’ll have to wait until the guy’s back. Thanks so much-I’m so glad I’m paying $5k for a class that you couldn’t be bothered to help me with passing.

Then I tried to re-register my computer with the software I need to take the test, only to find out my account’s been disabled and my school has to reactive it. THANKS SO MUCH-again, I have to contact the same dweebs who told me to cool my heels and wait for help moments before I need to take the exam. So much for reducing stress.

As far as work’s concerned, I’m enjoying it, for the most part. Apart from the fact that trying to get a computer at the clinic is near impossible short of 8am arrivals, plus my supervising attorney is almost always m.i.a. when I need help (and takes about a week to respond to emails), I feel like my efficiency is sucked away because I can’t do much without his okay.

It is nice though to be working in a field of law that actually helps people. Instead of making money for big companies, I’m working with veterans who have real problems and I can put them on track to get real solutions. The workload is a bit much with taking a class as well, as I’m at the office most days by 9am and I don’t get home from class until usually 10pm.

For house updates, things are kinda in a holding pattern until our architect returns from his Hawaiian travels. In the mean time, my mom, sister, and I visited the guy who’ll likely be doing our windows and sliding glass doors. It was pretty overwhelming to see of the different choices, but I think we settled on this chromium black-like metal frame on the inside and outside, with uv-protected glass. For the entertaining area between the kitchen and backyard, we’re thinking folding glass doors to open up the space.

I have to admit, it has been quite frustrating how slow the process is moving, but I can only hope that in a year-ish, I’ll have a place that I can call my own and not lived out of my oh so cramped current quarters.

Well, back to studying before an excursion with the boy.

Until Soon,


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