Picking Things Back Up

Like with many things you learn to do, stop, and then pick back up…the adjustment period takes some getting used to. As I returned to law school this week to restart my 2L year, I was familiar with many things, but there were also many new things.

I never had to drive during my 1L year because I lived so close, so this year I experienced the joy of scrambling for parking minutes before one of my first classes.

I knew everyone in my classes last year, and this year it’s a mix of a few familiar faces and many unfamiliar ones. I think this is both good and bad…good to have opportunities to make new friendships…bad because who likes being the new kid that hardly anyone/no one knows?

I’m taking many classes I did not take last year, with the exception of I think one, as it’s a Bar class (aka very helpful for taking the Bar exam). Again, good and bad…but I think I’ve got a mix of interesting professors-one’s a lawyer turned police sergeant, another a retired judge, and yet another with three or four degrees from Oxford and other impressive institutions.

I’ve tried to approach each new class with fresh eyes, and in a few hours I will have my last “first” class of my 2L year. It’s election law with a professor who is full-time politician and part-time law school professor. I’m anticipating lots of good conversation in this one, because it’s only every four years that one would get a class like this to coincide with an actual election-and it’s smack-dab in the middle of our semester.

This time around I’ve really tried to make a concerted effort to be self-reliant. I’m doing my readings ahead of class time, or at least most of them, so I’m less lost in class and don’t panic about being called on. I’m bringing food with me so I don’t have to venture off and spend a bunch of money (with the exception of one day where I’m on campus from 7:30am-5:30pm, and fridge space in the student area is super limited so I don’t want to risk making food that won’t have a place to stay free from mold and the like.

I’m also really trying to stay present and focused on one day at a time. One assignment, one class, one strut, if you will, at a time. This has really helped me visualize succeeding this semester, otherwise my seven classes plus continuing my work at the veteran clinic would seem overwhelming. Actually it was, and it still is. I bawled my eyes out my first day of school and sincerely questioned my reasons for coming back. Ugh, I so badly wanted to stay home with my puppy and just sell things on Amazon forever.

I know some people make a career out of online retail, but my reasons were solely to never have to leave the comforts of my house…but I know I want so much more…and completing law school will give me many more opportunities than staying huddled in my room ever would.

My friends and family have been so supportive of my return…I just hope I can sustain it with as few outbursts and meltdowns as possible. No one likes a complainer! On that note, I should probably roll into bed after I prep my things for class tomorrow morning.

This year is going to be a great year because I am channelling that intention. I am visualizing poise and grace when encountering whatever challenges may come my way (and they always do). Case and point, I got an infection on the outside of my ear…and the doctor thinks it might be MERSA (aka antibiotics don’t do shit)…PLUS…my knee has started to crap out on me, even with a knee brace, so I’ve got an x-ray for that after class tomorrow.

Did I mention the antibiotics that I’m on for the ear infection are so strong they’ve given me the shits three times today? Yeah, they made immodium their bitch today, much to my dissatisfaction.

Anywhoo, I’ve started some of my Christmas/family fall birthday shopping today…quite exciting planning for the holidays, which means my 25th birthday is just around the corner. Ahhh…but until then, class tomorrow and puppy service dog appointment this weekend.

Maybe the saying is true, “good things come to those who wait,” or maybe it should be “good things come to those who hustle their asses off and never give in to their obstacles” or something inspiring like that. You can quote me on that one!

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