59 Weeks To Go

That’s how many academics weeks until I sashay across the stage and excitedly accept my law school diploma, give or take a holiday or two. One week down and so, so many more to go.

As a whole, it was a hell of a lot better than my first week of 2L last year. In fact, I barely made it through one week and spent that week violently ill and unable to parse through a day. This time around it was a bit more manageable, but as with anything, of course there were bumps along the way.

The Friday election law class I was so eagerly awaiting was cancelled…but not before I woke up at 7am (after only a few hours of sleep), trudged to find parking during freshman move-in on campus, and waiting 20 minutes into what would’ve been class with several other unassuming classmates. Come to find out the professor had posted a notice in an obscure place…and one of the girls that I knew in the class who hadn’t shown up absent-mindedly texted me “oh no, guess my text didn’t send last night.” Ah well…it was a good practice run, right?

Anywhoo, one week in and I’m revving up for the semester. Making lists of deadlines, readings and due dates seems to be the only way I’ll make it out alive. Today I had a consultation with a pet training facility about getting my dog officially certified. The short and skinny of it is that we won’t be using their services. The extended version of that was they didn’t put our appointment into the computer, so we had to wait nearly a half hour after our scheduled time…and I wasn’t okay with leaving my dog in a kennel for two months where he’d get maybe twenty minutes of training a day.

So back to square-ish one, as I’ll be the one doing the majority of the training. Luckily he’s got many of the basic commands down, so now we’re just working on fine tuning things. It’s hard being gone for such long periods during the week with school, and then when I come home I’m a zombie, but I’ll make it work, somehow.

Here’s hoping that week two irons out many more details and stressors that were present in week one…like doing readings from the wrong editions of casebooks and being unable to find parking.

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