Deja Hindsight View

It’s been almost a year to the day, give or take a few, since I made the difficult decision to take a leave of absence from law school. It was like the worst break up, tears and all, because I didn’t know if I’d be able to come back. Now, a year later, I’m equal parts happy and terrified that I’m back. There’s always this lingering, what feels like a ripcord, feeling that I could drop out again at any moment and dreadfully may never have the opportunity to come back, as law school credits expire if you don’t graduate within a few years of earning them.

As I sit here with a puppy fast asleep at my feet, a labor law book to my left and a syllabus to my right, I feel a bit more confident going down this path again. It’s almost like deja-vu…with a hint of hindsight. Last week it felt weird to sit in a class that I took briefly last fall…almost verbatim the same lecture. I almost wish I had stayed longer into that semester so I’d have more notes to use now (joking). But really, it’s weird to be back and have to make new friends. It’s kinda been seamless with people I met during my summer classes, but it’s also been weird to explain to my friends from my original class that I won’t be graduating with them.

I feel like what’s holding me back now are the usual aches, pains, and pukes…except now I’ve got one graduate degree down and law school doesn’t seem that scary. I worry now that I’m in over my head with commitments-7 classes and still working at the veterans clinic…I’m going to try getting work done tomorrow and if it goes well, not drop that commitment. I want to muster through these next two years. The bar exam is a world away…for right now, it’s these classes and my work commitment. I’ve yet to figure out if doing all my reading on the weekend is best, or squeezing it in during the week…or just reading summaries. Ahh, so much stress, so little time…and sleep. I wish I could sleep for days.

Anywhoo, the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) is calling my name…well, a reading about it is.

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