It’s My Fault I’m Sick

That’s basically what I said to the dean of my law school yesterday. I had emailed student affairs earlier this week to discuss some of my accommodations that were lacking. I get notes for many of my classes, because when I’m knee-deep in vomit and diarrhea, I can’t be attentively taking notes in class.

Sorry, it’s my fault I’m sick.

Last week I had one of my flares, so instead of projectile vomiting on the row of people in front of me, I quietly excused myself to use the restroom. Unbeknownst to me, the hallway door shut behind me and locked, so when I came back, I couldn’t return to my class. Twenty minutes later and frantic, panicked utterances in Spanish to the one cleaning lady that was around, I was able to get back in.

20 minutes.

That’s like a lifetime in law school.

So naturally, when I go to review my notes the following week (because my school takes a week to send me notes, don’t worry about me, I can wait because the email has to take the Pony Express to reach me…)…the freaking notes I missed were one line. ONE LINE.

Not plausible. At. All.

I was irate that an accommodation I had in place to help me when this happened did just what I feared-either redacted (so petty, but so law school), or lacked basic comprehension to take reasonable notes.

My vote is for a combination of option 1 or 2.

Needless to say I emailed the person that coordinates the notes…and I come to find out that email is forwarded to the dean…

…who then emails me to inform me this accommodation “is meant to supplement my own effort, NOT a transcription service.”




The gaul it must’ve taken to say that to someone that relies on notes when I’m freaking throwing up until my eyes bleed and shitting myself until, well, there’s blood there too sometimes.

I let my response sit for a few hours, but boy was I mad.

I informed her that I’d be more than happy to projectile vomit in my seat, because this incident has made me incredibly uncomfortable with 1) using the restroom during class (which shouldn’t be a thing for anyone, let along a sickly person who gets sick as often as I do), and 2) discuss what I thought was a reasonable accommodation inquiry.

I’m sorry…using notes to catch up while I’m puking my brains out is my best effort to stay up to date with what I miss.

But I guess sometimes “my best” isn’t good enough…or at least that’s what this person’s coworker told me when I was considering taking a leave of absence last year. She told me to consider if law school wasn’t for me and that I may not be cut out for it…

Well, I hope to strongly prove all of these people wrong. Disabilities or not, at least treat people with common decency and respect.

Feverishly frustrated,


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