It’s The Little Wins

When you’re up to your eyeballs with stress, it’s the little wins that make the day bearable. In addition to dealing with a torn meniscus and what is likely a dislocated, now relocated wrist, I really needed some good news today.

After several weeks of ADA related stressors at law school, I finally had an opportunity to speak with the dean and hash everything out. Getting locked out of my classroom and having no notes to turn to to see what I missed, all fixed, or at least in the progress of getting fixed.

No parking, like literally no parking for ADA students…in the process of fixing.

Switching to part-time status but still being able to graduate on time, just have to send an email.

Having a go-to person about all of these issues since the regular person is gone and not likely to return, also in the process of getting fixed.

Overall I felt a huge rush of relief…something so different to how I felt last year. Last year I felt like I was getting pushed out and told it was my problem to figure out how to juggle health, happiness, and this quasi world of law school.

Now I know several students dealing with similar challenges, so I don’t feel as alone. At the same time it’s empowered me to be proactive about what I need to get through these next two years, one of the most important of which was getting my dog certified to come to classes with me. It’s not a perfect formula, but I’m hopeful it’s one that will endure for the time being.

While my body may be falling apart, my spirit isn’t. In fact, I’m more determined than ever to hustle and make things happen. It’s for that reason alone that I’m going to really refocus on my classes and start solidifying my notes months ahead of when I regularly would. I don’t have time for pity or complacency…I’ve tasked myself with this goal of completing law school, and for that reason, I’m going to take the little wins wherever I can find them.

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