When Everything Falls Apart

These last twenty four hours have been, well, to put it lightly, hell. Classes yesterday were decent, maybe even interesting, but I was dead tired and could barely muster the energy to meet an old friend from college.

Cue meeting at a bar that typically has good beer and food…woe would have it that I went with the “Taco Tuesday” special and end up with some chicken tacos that have a dollop of mayo…un.im.pressive to say the least.

I digress talking about the food and less than stellar beer…for nearly two hours, the witty banter I’d been hoping to have was nothing short of aggressive, brutish bashing which left me uncomfortable I even mentioned politics. I’m all for a good discourse, but when the other party is incessant you’re wrong, and even when you point out flaws in their reasoning, some excuse or another is inflated to overshadow their error.

I left scratching my head how it’d gotten so frustrating and when he said to let him know about hanging out again, I said probably never…and meant it. I never thought I’d be so over a friendship so quickly. Maybe it was his lack of interest in my life? Maybe it was because I was too tired? I’m not sure, but for once in almost five years, I think I could do without this friendship and save myself the headache.

Shortly after this brusk encounter, I met up with my boyfriend who wanted to go grocery shopping. Mid-aisle I’m trying to talk to him and he tells me to hush because I’m yelling. One, wasn’t yelling. Two, even if I was, really, hush? I walked off and sat at a table the entire time he took to shop…and he didn’t once call or message me as to where I was.

Fast-forward, we get back to his place and were going to go to a Gilmore Girls “Luke’s Diner” event, and of course, as life would have it, we spent the night fighting about how I feel unappreciated, undervalued, etc. etc. Mid-fight, again, as fate would have it, he springs on me a 60 day eviction notice he’d received a few days earlier. In addition to being upset he hadn’t told me when he found out (hello, affects me too)…but really, to stop the fight you brought this up? I was moments away from blissfully walking away from a relationship I, in the heat of the moment, and sometimes when not in fight-mode, was ready to leave.

Needless to say I was beyond rattled…and to put the cherry on top, today was the one year anniversary since my previous dog’s death.

So now I’ve got a boyfriend on the verge of likely homelessness unless something drastic like his parents helping steps in (as Lord knows I’ve done my part for paying for 99% of his undergrad thus far because they wouldn’t). Section 8 housing based on his low income level isn’t possible…because it’s an eight to ten year waiting list in our area. Most of our friends aren’t able to help out, and those that would are now proliferating with children…which leaves us high and dry, as the only other alternative, ye old house, is still a vast work in progress…

Fan-fucking-fabulous day.

Writing zen-fully from my oh so fun evening class.

Until Soon,


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