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Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve been on here. I blame school and general life craziness for keeping me from being able to just sit down and write. It looks like my last post was all about my ass injury, which is still going strong. No really-daily pain meds, a chic little pillow I tote with me almost everywhere (except when I forget it and deeply regret it), and a lovely slew of health issues that I can’t seem to shake since the incident.

My symptoms got to bad that I had to arrange accommodations for my law school final exams in a few weeks. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on the planet who has had to ask to bring in a butt pillow. Granted, I have almost 20 hours of exams back to back, but still, a butt pillow? The shame was so real the first few days-I even carried it in a bag initially. Now it’s like a little pet that just comes with me everywhere, and if people ask, some douche broke my butt.

In other news, I have finals coming up in a few short weeks. I’m equal parts nervous and excited to finally be able to say I’m halfway done with law school…after all this time. Separate from finals, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my boyfriend who’ll be moving right after finals because the family friends who own the house he lives in decided to evict him for the holidays. Can anyone say, “Merry Fuck You Christmas?” Yeah, super shitty, especially because they left the notice for him on his bed and didn’t even both sticking around to give it to him in person.

Needless to say I’m not very fond of this family-same one whose son and wife had the ridiculously premature baby over the summer and turned my boyfriend’s birthday last spring into all about them and their baby announcement. Newsflash, no one gives a shit you know how to have sex without a condom. Babies are born every day. I’m probably still very residually bitter about the whole thing…ya know, what with them being shitty “friends” and all over the last several years. We’ve driven up almost a dozen times just to see them, or go out of our way when we’re in the same city…when they come to down, which was often prior to having a kid, maybe once in a blue moon would they let us know.

Ah, the drama of it all. Frankly, I’m happier seeing less of people who created so much stress. Speaking of, the title of this post is an ode to the Thanksgiving dinner I had with my boyfriend’s family. They had been acting weird when I went up with my boyfriend to meet them, their daughter, her husband, and two friends of their daughter at some theme parks. Usually when you invite someone on a trip, you cover some expenses. We spent almost eight hours in traffic over two days, just to see them, and when we got there, they couldn’t be bothered to even talk to us while waiting in line. Fast-forward to Thanksgiving-something I was told they were hosting, and then it turned into a restaurant of their choosing.

We get there, order food, see other people had ordered drinks  before we got there, order drinks, eat, and the check comes. My boyfriend’s mom so audaciously says “we’ve got the food, but you have to pay for your drinks.” Wow, my two margaritas (which were 85% ice) and my boyfriend’s one drink. They’ll splurge for the $55 meal for two we shared, but not for our drinks. I didn’t know the meal would be so compartmentalized. And to add insult to injury, they asked for the money at the table, in front of everyone, putting my boyfriend on the spot who usually never has cash on him.

I was so livid and taken aback, I literally would be perfectly fine never having another meal with them…like ever. But after staying up till 3 in the morning talking to my boyfriend after watching the first Gilmore Girls revival episode and a bout of tears directly caused by this awkward encounter, he made me realize that me showing up to his family events is more for him than his parents. I get that, but if we ever have kids, good luck trying to get me to part with them to stay with his parents. Let’s just say I’m getting a strong whiff that I’ll be slapped with an invoice if a kid were to puke on their floors and required paper towels to clean up, or worse, the kid was hungry and they had to supply food (or worse) drink for it.

I always forget why I hate the holidays with my boyfriend’s family and this is why. My family is beyond inviting and welcoming and would never even think to charge him for having a glass of wine with dinner, or let alone, go on a trip with us (which he’s done several times). No, this was the first trip with his family and I’m confident to say it will likely be the last. I can’t wrap my head around the pettiness of such behavior, coming from people who have bought a new tv, couch, fireplace, floors, and a shitload of other frivolous purchases just because. I get it’s their money to spend, but pulling that kind of shit, on a holiday of all days, is beyond rude and it’s truly turned me off from all of my previous efforts to have my boyfriend and I spend more time with his parents.

Time to get back to pretending to study.

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