Let Go and Let God

It’s an afternoon like today, I’ve got my study flow finally started for finals and then, out of the blue, my symptoms flare up like no one’s business. I had actually started to think that maybe I was out of the woods and back to being “normal,” but NOPE (thanks, body).

I’ve started to learn that when my symptoms flare, it’s better to not fight it or stress out about it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to set up a little office in the bathroom so I can still get work done while my body tries to analyze whatever I’ve eaten that it doesn’t like. Needless to say, I have dragged my computer and phone in there, only to throw them on the floor when I get too sick to do anything but avoid throwing up all over myself while having diarrhea. It’s a real two-for-one deal, I’ll tell ya.

Anywhoo, this studying thing is proving more difficult than I thought given these interludes, but I’m trying not to get it down. Today was the swearing in day for all of my friends that graduated in June and passed the Bar. This is my motivation that I’m only two years from this possibly being something I will celebrate (hopefully, crossing all fingers, toes, etc.). I have four finals next week, back to back, every single day.

I know it will be rough, but the whole, “do your best and forget the rest” really has been what’s kept me going when my body and sometimes my mind, are literally falling apart.

Yesterday I got a call from a job I’d interviewed and been offered before I got sick. I had to turn it down when I left school, but was told I could be reconsidered if I came back. Initially I thought it wasn’t a big deal, “of course they’d offer it to me again.” But then when I did come back and told my potential boss that I was still interested, he told me he was interviewing other candidates and that he’d get back to me. Last night was the official “welcome” call…and I’m looking forward to hopefully getting some good government experience-a nice change from the veteran law I’ve been doing for the last six months.

So I should probably get back to studying, but I just wanted to give a shout out to anyone out there struggling with family issues, health issues, whatever you’ve got going on…sometimes it’s easier to take a deep breath and let it go. Whatever will happen, you’re going to be okay as long as you put your best foot forward. I thought I was so behind when I returned to law school that I applied to like ten jobs and didn’t hear back from any of them…but then this happened and it gave me hope that maybe all is not lost.

On that note, it’s back to the bathroom…and then the books I go!

Until Soon,


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