Exhale the Bullshit

The end of 2016 and start of 2017 has been nothing short of a whirlwind. In the days leading up to my last finals for the semester, my dad started to have difficulty walking. What we all thought was an Advil quick-fix turned into a seven day hospital stay, emergency surgery, catheters, walkers, and what still seems like a dream-like sequence of stress and sleepless nights. The cliff notes version of what happened is that one of his vertebrae explored…disintegrated…whatever the technical term is. He was in excruciating pain and it was all very sudden and potentially very uncertain as to the success of the procedures that later took place.

Amidst this, I got my first speeding ticket leaving my boyfriend’s place heading back to mine. Allegedly I was going too fast up a hill, but when the lanes go from two to one and a cop hides with a radar gun behind a parked car, what’s a girl supposed to do? This was another totally unexpected stressor, but as with most things, I couldn’t ignore it and found someone who’s been walking me through the steps to resolve it.

Let’s see, what else. Because of my dad’s unexpected surgery happening only days before Christmas, he and my mom were unable to join the usual family gatherings, in large part due to his inability to sit/stand for any measurable period of time. Basically the last two weeks have been what feels like a drugged blur of going through the motions to make sure my family’s matters just stay current, e.g. paying bills, taking care of pets, following up on everyone and their mother asking for status updates about my dad, etc.

It’s a lot more responsibility than I’ve been used to, because since I went back to law school over the summer, I kind of checked out of house obligations while I was gone ten to sixteen hours a day at work/school. Now that I’ve got this down time, it’s like shit, how am I going to go back to school? Luckily this next semester I won’t be taking seven classes…just two plus what promises to be a fun legal job that I actually interviewed for and was selected to fill before I got sick…and they made a vacancy when I told them I was coming back.

On top of the law school load, I’ll also be starting back up with my MBA classes. This next semester I’ll have three classes spread out in a 2-1 sequence, and then I think I’ll only have a few left to finish in time to wrap this up by the end of the year. I’m hoping with the way I’m timing it all, that my sister, who is also doing the program, will finish at the same time as me and we’ll be able to graduate together. How crazy is that?!

Anywhoo, so since I’ve been busy taking care of life, I’ve severely neglected my room and various piles that’ve amassed over the past few weeks…so I should probably tend to those.

I was at bar the other night and there was a neon sign in the bathroom that said “inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit.” This is my mantra for 2017. I’ll have to get into my “bitches be crazy NYE” story sometime soon. Basically life is way too short to spend it preoccupied with bullshit some people just seem to dole out for no reason at all. I’m not saying we’re all angels, but going out of your way to be nasty to other people for no reason is kinda pathetic. Just because you’re a self-loathing bitch that thrives on making others hurt doesn’t mean I have to tolerate it or worse, condone or apologize and take it. I’m dedicated 2017 to spending no more than 5 minutes bitching about anyone I might encounter like this, and then poof, bitch, I’m done. Go try and make someone else feel insecure with your weightless words and feeble threats.

When you’ve got a chronic health condition (or many in my case), a girl doesn’t have time to obsess about everyone liking her. I know what I stand for, I know when I should be called out on my own bullshit, and I sure as hell know a kind heart from an evil one.

So cheers to change and zeroing in on this year’s good shit.

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