E-Book Review | Photoshop for Photographers by John Slavio

Photoshop for Photographers: Training for Photographers to Master Digital Photography and Photo Editing by John Slavio is an approachable guide to learning some basic photo editing skills. The text eases readers in with common terminology used within the field, like “aperture” and “ISO.” There are several photos throughout the book to help illustrate various points which I found quite helpful.

I was a little confused at the end of the first chapter to read, “If you followed this chapter correctly, then you should have already seen improvement in your skills.” To me, it seemed more like an introductory glossary than a preliminary list of tasks for readers to try out. The formatting of the text itself is also a a bit distracting with different kinds of spacing and layouts. I understand it’s an ebook, but it came over looking more like a run-on word document than a cohesive “book.”

Overall, this e-book is a pretty thorough guide of photography tips and tricks; I just wish the formatting was a bit more concise and perhaps with all of the “tips,” that there were some exercises for photographers to be able to practice with…or at least a mention about the author’s own experiences that led him to figure out putting together these tips.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this ebook in exchange for my honest review of this product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Score Card: Cover Art: 4/5     |     Content: 3/5     |     Ease of Read: 5/5

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