Hi, January!

Hello from the other side! It’s been a hot second since I’ve been on here and I feel like a million and one things have happened. I got my first ticket…for speeding…so I guess that’s more exciting than a parking ticket, but still a pain in the rear to deal with. Like any good lawyer, I’m not giving up without a fight on this one, so I’ll keep ya posted when the verdict’s out. I have to wait anywhere from 30 to 60 days to hear back if my written argument was enough for a judge to dismiss it…if not, I’ll get to do the same thing in person.

Asides from that, I’m back at school juggling law and business classes. I took the last six months off my MBA to really focus on getting back into the groove of law school. I’m so glad that I did because it really reflected in my grades and overall connectedness to the law program. I’m working at a new job-this time for the government, so still unpaid, but instead of veteran law, I’m doing more administrative law on behalf of the state of California. It’s super exciting, but at the same time, it’s super nerve-racking because I’m the only intern for my whole department so I don’t really have anyone to bounce ideas or stressful moments off of.

MBA classes this semester are tough, but after two weeks, I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. One of my professors told me I was contributing too much, so if I tone it back, I’ll get better scores on the assignments. Definitely one of the first times I’ve been told I’m contributing too much. Ah well, I’ll just check out a little more and call it a day. Unfortunately for this class, he requires that we do our posts twice a day, for three consecutive days…which can be a little much when you’re working during the day and taking law classes at night.

It’s also been an adjustment because my boyfriend moved about three times the distance he was to me before, so now we really have to plan out when we see each other. It hasn’t been impossible, but like tonight, there was a terrible storm, and where I would’ve hopped in the car and done the short drive no problem, tonight we had a few phone calls over the course of the day and that’s about it. It’s tough being apart for more days at a time, but I’ve got it in my head to focus on this not being forever.

In other news, I’ve got a lot of books lined up to do reviews, so keep an eye out for those. Many of the publishers have requested that I release my reviews in line with the publishing dates, so it’s been tough to keep my lips sealed on books coming out as far away as this summer! Nevertheless, there are a lot of AMAZING title-from cooking, to business, to non-fiction…so I’m quite stoked to have a break from my homework to get to those.

Speaking of, per usual, I have a mountain of things that’ve accumulated on my table during the week…under which I’ve got a book that I’ve got lined up to start reading…so I should go find that.

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