Circleback to 2016

A year ago I wasn’t certain I wanted to go back to law school. In fact, there were very few things I was certain of. My health was so up and down, I could barely think about my next meal for fear I would be having upper and/or lower GI symptoms anywhere from mid-meal to hours after I ate. The list of everything else that was bothering at the time would be too cumbersome in a paragraph, so here’s a short and skinny list:

-first “almost” service dog’s death still took a toll on me…I wish I could’ve done more for her.

-boyfriend’s living situation was very precarious…didn’t know if he’d be evicted at a moment’s notice (which he was late last year), or if his roommate would break another piece of glass and just leave it in the garbage disposal (to name one of a trove of weird behaviors we observed).

-adjusting to living at home with my family was, well, an adjustment and I was desperate to eek out my own space…which I would find in a house later on last year…only to have that full-stopped with a remodel and endless amounts of blueprints and tedious city permit processes.

-kind of decided on an MBA program, but wasn’t sure I liked it or when I’d even finish it.

-life career uncertainty…especially when/how/if I’d ever return to law school.

-love life uncertainty because of said stressors above.

I’m sure there were other factors at play too, but these were the main ones at play. I’m happy to report that in the span of 365ish days, I’ve done the following:

-adopted and trained a new service dog who is sound asleep at my feet and who feverishly protects me and takes care of me, even during my worst health episodes (as in, he opens the door if I pass out from throwing up and alerts help nearby).

-went back to law school and finished the first semester of my second year with the best grades I’ve received in law school thus far (including my first A!)

-my boyfriend is living in a different place now, with a friend of mine from college, and I don’t think it could be a better set up. The two guys like hanging out and when I’m over, we do a “tres amigos” dinner and often do outings together as well!

-my boyfriend and I have a house in the works…as in, hopefully, in the next year (ish) I’ll be talking decorating ideas and the like.

-I’ve only got a few classes left for my MBA, and for the most part, it’s been quite manageable.

-and last, but certainly not least, my health has stabilized where my good days outnumber my bad ones, which is huge for a girl who developed phobias for going outside and eating food. Now I’m branching out and even starting to review cookbooks (such a shock for someone that was petrified of food). Keep an eye out for those in the coming months! I’d share them sooner, but I have to wait until the titles are on shelves in stores!

Ah, when you look at all this, you could say I’ve come really far. I’m no longer (that) afraid of food and am actually figuring out (and paying attention) to what I can eat with ease and what I probably should avoid (sorry walnuts and excess quantities of dairy).

Welp, I should probably get back to my MBA assignment that’s due tonight before I have to speed off (as in, drive at a reasonable speed haha) to my tax law class tonight.

If anything, I feel like I should leave some sage advice about my *aha* moment thinking about all of this…anything is possible if you just put your mind to it? Nah…I do like the “life happens at the end of your comfort zone,” because all of these challenges certainly pushed me to breaking points that I shed many tears over, but at the end of the day, I think I’ve become a stronger person because of them.

Don’t quit until you’re dead, otherwise you’re missing out on a lot of life left to be lived.

Now that’s an original by me. You’ve seen it here first. Trademark and copyright infringers beware, this slogan’s mine! HA, legal jokes. Okay, off to work.

Until Soon,


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