Unfiltered Intimate Moments

This post is dedicated to all the wedded and baby bliss filtering through my various social media platforms. I should preface that I’m extremely happy for every person stoked on a wedding ring and/or sonogram picture, but living in an age where literally everything is posted online, it’s made me wondering…do we keep anything private anymore?

Well, here I am writing a blog about having a wild stomach disorder (among many other fun health oddities)…is that sharing too much? For me, this is
an outlet to destress and take a step back from the craziness that is law school/business school/life with health problems. I like to review books, makeup, and other products because I value a good review just like the next blogger. I constantly scour the internet for good deals, and when I find one, I’d rather be the girl that tells you where I got my cool shirt than try and play coy like I don’t know where it’s from.

If I don’t know where it’s from, I’ll tell you that too…because I can’t afford to buy ten thousand new tops for every picture I post, so sometimes what I’m wearing is from a time before Snapstagrambook…and I’ve literally had it forever. I’ve got a rotation…a poor one at that…where I wear the same five pairs of workout bottoms and some variety of comfy top. Once in a while I’ll try wrapping my head (and legs) around the concept of wearing pants. Sometimes.

Anywhoo, back to the point of this post- engagements and babies. Good on ya for taking the leap, jump, or whatever you want to call it. I mean it, more power to you for committing to create, raise, and be responsible for another human being (if you’re having a baby). If you’re getting married, again, I applaud you for permanently agreeing to share a bathroom and/or a piece of every meal (for better or for worse), until death do you part.

I get the excitement, but does it really need to be shared online? Or rather, does it have to be shared immediately? For me, while I haven’t had the chance to celebrate either of these milestones, I think while my social media-riddled body would have an impulse to hit “share” upon either event, I think it’d be really nice to just bask in an engagement or baby announcement with my significant other and close family and friends first…then share with my thousand closest admirers online.

What’re your thoughts? Should privacy even be a thing when it comes to intimate moments like this?

Forever confused, but always intrigued.

Until Soon,


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