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The time has finally arrived! The once a year, highly-anticipated, (did I mention FANTASTIC lineup) of boots, booze, and beautiful people…STAGECOACH!

So, this is my quick and dirty what to pack. At least, it’s what I recall being necessities nearly five years ago when I went for the first time to this music festival back in college.

  1. A refillable WATER BOTTLE. {This year the requirements are more strict than they were, but it can be a regular plastic bottle or a reusable one, just not metal}.
  2. Walking SHOES. {It’s a lot of walking in and out of the venue, even if you’re camping, so pack appropriately aka no heels or impractical footwear, because let’s face it, you’ll step in mud (at some point) and get stepped on by at least a pair or two of cowboy boots. My shoes of preference are cowboy boots and something to change into like flip flops when it gets too hot/sweaty}.
  3. A BANDANA. {When there are dust storms, which happen, it’s handy to put of your mouth so you don’t inhale the particles. If you try to brave it, good luck. Lots of people (whether it be Stagecoach or Coachella, usually come home with a cough and lung issues because they didn’t plan ahead}.
  4. SUNSCREEN. {Duh. The festival is in the middle of the desert, so if you’re not blessed with the capability of tanning from said glorious rays, bring on the SPF!}
  5. COMFORTABLE CLOTHES. {If you’re at the venue all day, that’s a good 10-12 hours, so the crotch-grabbingly cute outfit that you can’t walk in won’t really cut it. I wouldn’t recommend sweats, but leggings and a comfy top are always solid fallbacks}.
  6. SNACKS. {You can’t bring food into the venue, but you can eat them on the walk over. This is a great way to curb appetites and save yourself some serious moolah if you’re looking at purchasing food in the venue-it’s good, but Disneyland/theme park inflated prices}.
  7. SUNGLASSES. {Cheap, if possible, because you’ll probably lose them/sit on them/you get my drift}.
  8. Portable phone CHARGER. {There are outlets at the venue, but it’s BYOC (bring your own charger)}.
  9. Your WRISTBAND. {You can’t get into the venue without it, so don’t leave it at home…and don’t forget to activate it before you head in! You can do this on the Stagecoach App or online}.
  10. BE PREPARED TO HAVE FUN. At the end of the day, you’re there for the experience. If you miss an artist, it’s not the end of the world. The openers, albeit many are unknown, are usually pretty great. When in doubt, just stroll around the vendors and other side stages. It looks like this year there will be all kinds of things, from kids’ entertainment, to cooking demonstrations, and even the good ‘ol hokey tonk dance tent!

I’ll see you and your red solo cup there!



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