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Has anyone else had anxiety logging onto Facebook lately? What was once a feed of memes and “today I blah blah blah” posts has turned into this war zone of hostile comments about politics and attacks on people’s character.

I, for one, would like nothing more than to comment my heart out on every post I have a different perspective than the poster. Alas, I have a tax law final in a few days, so my focus (other than writing this brief post) is exclusively on that. I understand airing frustrations online where you have an audience of different opinions. I’ve done it. That being said though, since the most recent presidential election, I feel like the tension never washed over, on either political party, and now it’s always “you’re a bad person because you voted this ways and therefore you support absolutely everything this candidate has done/is doing.” Or the opposite is, “you’re not doing enough to make change, you have to be vocal and call people out.”


Just stop.

I get it-I’m in law school and have always been a pretty talkative, perhaps even argumentative, person at times. However, I don’t bash my friends and family over the heads, day in and day out, with my beliefs. They’re mine and I think that’s where they should stop. Have insightful conversations with others about why you differ in opinion, but for heaven’s sake, please stop assuming a vote one way or another, or a lack thereof, in any way reflects some inherently flawed and evil component of that person.

I have friends who are on the other end of the political spectrum from my own beliefs, but they’re still my friends because we can intelligently talk about issues we disagree about. That’s it-we fucking talk about the issues as stand alone topics and not inextricably tied to the cores of our being.

I’m tired of logging onto Facebook to find I’ve been unfriended by yet another soul who doesn’t share my political (or lack thereof) beliefs. I might like a political post from time to time, but the last time I actually posted something was six months ago. Once. To think I was once annoyed over baby photos and engagement ring announcements…but I think political crap is a thousand times worse. No one ever comments how awkward engagement pictures are, or how weird it is to post sonogram pictures online (I’m sorry, your black and white looking spot is not adorable), or wow, I’ve seen your wedding ring style on the last three “feyonce” posts in my feed. Can you tell I’m over social media? Or Facebook at the very least. Ughhh.

Anywhoo, rant over. If everyone agreed all the time, boy would that be a boring time to live in. Differences of opinion are how some of the greatest collaborations have come to be-art, music, science, exploration, you name it!

So this is basically a tldr; I’m bouncing off of Facebook for the foreseeable future. Hasta la vista bullshit central.

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