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Well, that’s how the song goes, but this post is actually a my way at introducing myself to old and new readers that’ve stumbled upon my blog, 2LWithIt.

Not even lactose intolerance can keep me from Joe’s Pizza in NYC!

So, hi, I’m Ana, a 25 year old California girl who stays up way too late (most of the time), loves beauty, books, and bullshit (good tagline, right?), and have been dealing with chronic health issues for a little over four years.

I started 2LWithIt when I started my second year in law school (aka 2L), which was a little over two years ago. My first year of law school (aka 1L) was difficult, to the say the least. Some people will tell you it’s hard, but nothing can really prepare you for how hard it can be. The books are heavy, the classes are long, classmates can be overly competitive, and it’s just a really exhausting bubble to choose to put yourself in.

I had come from a university where I breezed through a double major in three years, had lots of friends, was really social in a bunch of clubs…and then law school kind of thumped me on theback of the head and made me question so much about myself.

I should also preface that I’m the definition of an over-achiever (to date, I’ve completed or am in the process of completing five (yes, five) degrees since high school-English Bachelors, Poli Sci Bachelors, Master of Science, MBA, and law school).

SO, long story short, I ignored a lot of health issues during 1L…which didn’t go away quietly. I got so sick I had to take a leave of absence from law school (otherwise I would’ve graduated a few weeks ago). I spent my year off going to doctor appointments almost every day, got tested for every auto immune disorder and health condition in the milky way…and what the doctors came up with was a mix of this and that, but basically I’m broken in more ways than they could fix me.

The meds I take don’t get rid of my symptoms in the least, but they do make it possible for me to go outside, eat normal food (sometimes), and try to get back to what I consider “normal” living.

Initially this blog was simply record-keeping so I had some outlet to air my frustrations when my symptoms took over everything. I came up with the name because I was writing it during my second year in law school (2L), and with all of my health issues and ensuing frustrations, there were a lot of days I wanted to say “to hell with it.”

Depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and pain are only some of the many, many side effects I’ve endured since my “diagnosish” (chronic health pun, because no diagnosis is ever really encapsulating of all the health issues you’ve got). I’ve tried to put a spin on my own frustrations and struggles and share what’s kept me out of dark thoughts and perceived isolation-books, beauty, and bullshit.

I love to read books, so you’ll probably find book reviews on here from time to time.

I love makeup and trying out new products, so you’ll probably see some of my latest finds (and even some unfortunate duds).

I love talking bullshit (I am almost a lawyer, people…ha, only 2/3 of one right now), so sometimes I’ll post my thoughts on topics, fads, random thoughts, etc.

I took a bit of time away from 2LWithIt because I want to refocus my efforts to give this blog more purpose. Whether or not you’re a spoonie (a term us chronic illness peeps collectively refer to ourselves as), I want 2LWithIt to be a place that’s real. I’ll tell ya when I’m having a bad day (but I’ll spare you what the symptoms look like, because gastrointestinal (GI) issues are kinda shitty (ha, shit joke). I’ll also tell ya when I’m having a brilliant day (sorry, isn’t one of those)…but they do happen from time to time.

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I’ve got oodles of tips and tricks on dealing with a variety of health issues (think-gut issues (aka IBS, leaky gut, severe acid reflux, non-motility), head issues (anxiety, depression, PTSD, migraines), pain issues (carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia)…the list goes on an on haha.

I’ve also got lots of advice on school (see above about the over-achieving, five degree thing).

So that’s me in a nutshell. Feel free to drop me a line whenever on here, Instagram (@2LWithIt), Twitter (@2LWithIt), or Facebook (@2LWithIt)…but if we’re being honest, I really only use Insta at the moment.

Until Soon,

Ana (or kissed.with.a.quip., which is a pen name I’ve used for eons on different blogs)

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Spoonie Adventures in Books, Beauty, & Bullshit I'm a twenty-something year old recent law and business school grad living with a chronic health condition. Follow along on my shenanigans.

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