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If you’re anything like me, holidays come up way too soon. This year, I’ll be out of town for Father’s Day, so I’ll be celebrating my dear ‘ol dad when I get back. Even if I didn’t have this additional grace period to get him a gift, I’d probably still leave my gift-giving ideas until the last minute.

Doesn’t everyone?

If you don’t, major kudos. I’m an “on-the-fly” kind of gal, unless I find a gift way ahead of time that “speaks to me.” You’ve had those gifts, right? You see it online, or on a shelf, and it just says, “please take me home, I’m perfect for XYZ occasion.” Well, I have a lot of “speak to me” moments. You can ask my credit card company-but that’s another story. Don’t worry, I’m not in tear-inducing crippling debt (yet), but I could still probably shave a few expenditures here and there.

SO. The reason why you probably clicked on this article is because you’re in need to quick, last-minute daddy-o gifts for this weekend. Fret no more, I’ve got you covered. I wouldn’t trust ordering something this late, because, well, it may or may not show up by Sunday. So instead I present to you a list of homemade, yes, DO IT YOURSELF gifts.

I love homemade gifts, even if they’re shitty. Sometimes it’s the effort that counts much more than the swipe of a credit card for a generic candle I probably already have half a dozen of scattered around my home (see above credit card habit).

Without further adieu, the list.

1. A coupon book. I did this for my dad a few years ago and it was an absolute hit. I put in all kinds of things for him, but most of them were centered on us doing things together. Think going to lunch at our favorite spot next to the carwash (detailing and waxing included…for the car, ya weirdo). I also included X amount at his favorite store(s) so he could pick out something he liked (aka no returns necessary…don’t you hate when you get a gift only to feel the immediate impulse to return it? Just me? Ok, moving on).

2. Bacon roses. It’s a pinterest thing. Look it up…super easy. It involves a shit-ton of toothpicks, wire if you please, and bacon. LOTS OF BACON. If your dad is vegetarian or doesn’t eat what many revere as its own food group, then maybe sub it for a lettuce bouquet, or maybe even a more practical arrangement like socks or tshirts? I don’t know-get creative! Only you (and maybe your mom and siblings, if applicable, know your dad best).

3. A handwritten card. Some dads don’t want gifts. I know mine is nearly impossible to shop for, largely in part due to him figuring out how to shop online, so now my gift-giving is significantly curbed by his own online retail prowess. The other day I just wrote my dad a “just because” thank you card and the response I got from him was much more positive than I would’ve thought. You never know, sometimes a simple gift is all it takes to remind them how much they mean to you.

4. Tickets to an event. This requires very little planning, unless it’s a sold-out event…then you’re shit out of luck. Go on Groupon, go on Ticketmaster…whatever site is your “go-to,” look up events in your area that you know your dad might be interested in and buy tickets. Maybe check with him (covertly) or his wife (your mom, if applicable) and check that way. Otherwise click for some insurance just in case you have to resell or cancel them.

5.If you don’t live close to your dad, then all of these suggestions are probably a bust. There’s always ordering flowers to be delivered on the day-of, but instead of that, because 99.9% of men in my experience think flowers are a stupid waste of money…order him dinner or takeout from his favorite place to be delivered to him. This is super easy to call it in and pay over the phone (or computer). It’s much more personal than a fruit or chocolate/gift basket arrangement (not saying those are bad, but a little generic).

So that’s my list of five DIY (ish) totally last-minute Father’s Day gifts. If you’ve got any good suggestions of your own that you’ve successfully pulled off (or haven’t), drop me a line in the comments below!

In other news, this is the last Hallmark holiday of the year (that I can think of), so for all you out there that’re like, “ughh, I celebrate my dad (mom/wife/insert card-giving holiday) every day of the year,” these tips are for you. Don’t stress out over the day, do something thoughtful, and when it doubt, at least put in the effort to give your dad a call and say hi (for goodness sakes, don’t just send a stupid text).

That’s all I’ve got.

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