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Five years. It would have been five years in a matter of weeks. We were in the midst of designing an engagement ring. He had just asked my dad for permission to marry me.

And then everything fell apart.

I can’t say it’s all his fault, because that’d be a lie. But these are the things that’ve come to light as “lessons” from my most recent, heart-wrenching breakup.

I will say though that the kicker was his sister, whom he has a tenuous relationship with at best, who had the gall to share something I told her in a private conversation about how I felt like I didn’t understand her parents and the way they’ve treated me over the years, with her parents the very next day. Instead of talking to me, or hell, even having his parents talk to me, they blindsided my then-boyfriend with how much they dislike the “vibes” (I shit you not, I was told they got the impression I didn’t like them, exclusively based on feelings) I gave off towards them.

In the end, this is what did it in. I’d put up with so much. SO much. Like when their son got evicted, not once, but TWICE and needed help to find another place to live, I was there pulling up the Craigslist ads and visiting places with him. When his student loans weren’t renewed and he was going to drop out of school, I helped him pay for tuition with money I’d earned working my first year after law school. (I should note he never wanted to accept my money, so we made it a loan that he still intends on paying back; we made the decision as a couple to not take on a loan, but I don’t think his parents ever knew the extent to which I had his back).


Well, you know what?  I feel like a mother-fucking champion to have dodged the bullet of all bullets. Not marrying into a family that treats me like shit and waits five fucking damn years to express their feelings, no thank you.

So without further adieu, my lessons learned:

  1. You can’t change a person. When I met him, he told me he had big dreams, but the reality was he was content existing in his part-time job (working for his dad for the last ten years – no benefits, no extra pay on holidays or weekends he went in, and my favorite, a fucking guilt trip every time he asked to cash in his PTO). He never fully articulated goals or deadlines for the future; or when he tried to, he never consistently worked on them to materialize them into a reality.
  2. You can’t please everyone all the time. This is a rough one. I pretended I was okay with the way his family treated me, even though I’d go home to my family and blow up at them for how angry I was about it (like that time his parents invoice him and I for drinks at a Thanksgiving dinner they’d invited us to…and we shared an entree). What I thought I’d get over I didn’t, and that stress just built up and often resulted in me getting mad at him (which I shouldn’t have done, but didn’t have any other place to release the tension).
  3. You shouldn’t stay in a relationship just because it’s comfortable. Again, really tough. Maybe we should’ve called it quits a while ago. The fights only got bigger. The animosity only grew stronger. Staying in a relationship just because it’s all you’ve known for the present time isn’t enough of a reason to keep putting in effort. The way his family treated me had bothered me for years and only when engagement talk got real did I actually start to formulate thoughts to express to them…but too little, too late. I’m not saying I was angry 100% of the time or didn’t like his family, but we’d fight about the same things and that’s not healthy.
  4. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you can (or should) love their family. I tried, I really fucking tried. I got them gifts for their birthdays. I acted interested in stories I really didn’t care about (like a two hour conversation about naming a dog “Penny.” Does it really fucking matter if the dog’s name is two or three syllables?). I really tried to look past how irritated his family made me because I felt like they made zero effort to get to know me in the half a decade I’d been in their son’s life, but the little things that bothered felt like notches on a belt over time, and with every passing year, I guess for both of us, it felt insurmountable, and to him, unfixable.
  5. There’s no shame in the solo game. I’m not the 20 year old I was when I met him, but that’s okay. I’d rather be alone and work on myself than struggle in a relationship where neither of us know what the fuck is going on.

As much as I love/d him, I know this is the right choice. How can you trust “family” that goes behind your back and causes something so painful?

I don’t really have many other words, other than I know everything will be okay in time. It’s not today. It’ll probably suck tomorrow, but that’s what keeps therapists and alcohol companies in business, right?

Hoping your Monday’s been less of a shitshow than mine.

Until Soon,


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  1. Every day that passes makes those feelings hurt less. You wouldn’t want to be with somebody who didn’t care for you and a family that wouldn’t accept you. You’ll find somebody who will cherish you and whose family will be delighted to have you as an addition.

    1. In an ideal world, that’d be a wonderful place to get to. Right now I’m just trying to make sure I keep it together for these last ten weeks of class & then all the prep required for bar study. Thank you so much for the kind words though. I know it’ll get better in time, it’s just being able to make it until then without overthinking everything currently going on.

  2. I am so glad you got rid of that loser! Any real man would never have let you pay for his college tuition! From what you said about the family, it sounds like they were jealous of you and probably were never going to accept you. 5 years is a long time, it is going to take time to let go of the anger, hurt, and sadness. I’m really proud of you for writing out your experience and feelings. I’ve found that writing is the best therapy, gets it out of your body and mind so you can heal. Stay strong girl!! ❤️

    1. Thanks for the support, girl! Writing it out does help. He didn’t want to accept it, but because we were planning on being together long-term, it made sense to not accrue debt from a loan & he always intended on paying me back (still does). It’s just a lot to process right now. Hope you’re doing well!

    1. You’re so welcome. Thank you for stopping by to give it a read. Wishing you all the best – I’ve heard it does get better, just take some time for yourself and surround yourself with people that care about you!

  3. Wow. That’s not something I would expect to read after seeing the title. Although I admit I wanted to read something like that. today’s birthday of the guy who recently dated me for some time, enough to make me fall for him, and then came back to his ex without calling it quits at all, without letting me know we’re no longer a thing. I guess I know how it feels to sacrifice first class things for the sake of relationship and then just see how pointless it was. Keep going and thanks for that post. X

    Ps. These parents are some sneaky bastards wtf

    1. Aw man, that’s a tough situation. I hope you’re doing well & finding happiness without him. You’re much better off with someone who’s truthful and honest, no matter how difficult the situation is. Thanks for stopping by to read this. His parents were quite the characters. XX

  4. Congratulations on the wisdom you showed for one so young! I lasted until I was 65, and am still not sorry I walked away from him and towards a new single life. 🙂 You’re an inspiration!
    Alex Delon

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Breakups are never easy, and I’m sure it doesn’t get any easier with age. I think the best thing I learned last year was that some things fall apart so better things can fall into place. Wishing you all the best with your new fresh start!

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