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THEME: Creative, in collaboration with LA-based artist Priscilla Witte. She’s a street artist known for “colorful murals and relatable illustrations,” inspiring Ipsy’s first-ever “coloring book-style Glam Bag.” I really like the idea behind this month’s theme, because featuring actual artists gives the bag more personality and gives you someone to look up and follow (if you’re into whatever they create).

BAG: I don’t really have any complaints about this bag. It comes with two markers to personalize it & make it your own (pretty cool, if you ask me). The bag’s roomy and has a ribbon zipper. While “creativity” is kind of a generic theme, this a more usable bag than previous ones and the design is totally something you can personalize (or give to a kid to go HAM on at a dinner or something…way better than a coloring book, in my opinion).


GLOSSIER: Balm Dotcom in Mint

  • I should preface if you haven’t tried Glossier’s balms, you might not like them. It’s got a texture like vaseline and all flavors are not created equal (the birthday flavor is much more viscous than say, the mint flavor). Ipsters received this in: original, rose, mint, or coconut.
  • That being said, I really like the Balm Dotcom line and how most of the flavors are pretty clear (so great toppers for lipsticks or as lippies to put on before sleep to condition lips).
  • Ipsy says the balms are “multipurpose” like for cuticle creams and skin salves…but personally I think they’re a bit sticky and I’m not a fan of scent on my hands (but each to their own).
  • Full-sized this lip balm is .5fl oz/15mL and retails for $12; the sample is .24fl oz/7ml, which is an approximate retail value of $5.60.

AURORA: Ultimate Shine Lip Gloss in Fairy

  • If I had one makeup weakness, it’d be a lightweight lipgloss…and this is a close contender. It’s pigmented enough it’s not clear, but not overpowering and obnoxious. I’m also a fan of the fact that it has shine without glitter, because no boy wants sparkles on his lips/face/elsewhere.
  • The shade included is “fairy,” which is a nudey-peach color.
  • Full-sized this lip gloss is .12fl oz/3.5mL and retails for $8; the sample is .15fl oz/4.5ml, which is an approximate retail value of $10. (I’ve never received a sample that’s more than full-sized, and this sample doesn’t look nearly as big as the actual Aurora packaging…so I think the measurement on the sample might be incorrect).

EYEKO: Lash Alert Mascara in Carbon Black

  • A few Ipsy bags ago, I tried Eyeko’s eyeliner & really liked how defined the applicator created a winged liner. This mascara is no different! The brush is curved so it leaves lashes with a hint of a curl (major plus if your lashes are straight/you’re not a fan of the ‘ol lash curler).
  • According to Ipsy, this mascara has caffeine in it, so it pumps up lashes with lots of volume (read: DRAMA); it also has biotin, which helps keep them look healthy & full.
  • Another plus, this is a cruelty-free brand.
  • Full-sized this mascara is .29fl oz/8mL and retails for $26; the sample is .06fl oz/2ml, which is an approximate retail value of $5.38.

WINKY LUX: Powdered Lights in Charm

  • 2018 is the year of perfecting the highlight – on your cheeks, brow bones, cupid’s bow, you name it! Ipsy says this highlighting powder acts like a “halo filter for your face because it refracts light to make you look soft-focused & diffused,” who doesn’t love that?
  • I like that this highlight has a pink hue, so it’s not super yellow & works for lots of skin tones. It’s great multi-purpose powder (think, eyeshadow, highlight, lip topper…it’s so versatile!).
  • Full-sized this highlight is 3g/.10oz and retails for $18; the sample is 3g/.11oz, which is an approximate retail value of $18ish (again, this sample looks way smaller than the full-sized packaging, but the measurements indicate otherwise. The grams and ounces don’t match up, so I’ll estimate it’s around the same price as a full-sized highlight).

AHAVA: Purifying Mud Mask

  • Out of all the different types of masks, mud is probably my least favorite because it screws up whatever towel I use to wash it off (sorry, white towels, you’re now permanently stained).
  • On the plus side, this one’s made with mud from the Dead Sea (so super rich in minerals, kaolin, and chamomile, which are great for repairing irritated skin/texture).
  • Okay, another plus is mud masks are great for unclogging pores (I’ve just been into peel-masks more, but mud’s good for this too). Ipsy also suggests using this as a spot treatment for overnight problem areas (would recommend as long as you have a pillowcase you don’t love…otherwise this’ll get all over it).
  • Full-sized this mask is 3.4fl oz/100mL and retails for $35; the sample is .68fl oz/20ml, which is an approximate retail value of $7.


Overall, I’d say that the value in this bag comes up short compared to prior months, but not a bad deal to get to try five new products with a cute bag for $10. I should note that two out of the five items had quantity discrepancies (when compared to full-sized options online, these samples don’t look as big, but are listed as having more product inside). There were no clear “full-sized” items this month, which is unfortunate…but it’s cool to see new brands like Glossier and old favorites like Eyeko.

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