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Another month, another review! I feel like April’s flown by, but that’s probably because I’ve started to get into “graduation mode” with classes wrapping up and finals starting. So without further adieu, a review of this month’s Ipsy bag:

THEME: This month’s theme was “social butterfly,” which according to the card that came in the bag, means a “challenge to be your best self…and RSVP “YASSSS” to everything that comes your way…swipe right, check yes, and load up your calendar. You’re going to be one busy bee this month.” Well, yes, that’s true, April’s been a hectic month…like a good kind of hectic.

BAG: I like the size of this bag – it’s more than a pencil case, but less than a clutch. The zipper’s metal, so that’s sturdy. The bag itself feels like a pleather with lots of pink tones. Overall, not my favorite bag ever, but much cuter than brown and yellow ones I’ve received in recent months.


TRUST FUND BEAUTY: That Glo Tho Liquid Highlighter

  • Personally, I’m a fan of powder highlight instead of liquid, because if applied wrong, the liquid can severely mess up setting powder if you do it after you set foundation. That being said, this one is definitely very pigmented and buildable.
  • I’d say the color errs on champagne, so it’s flattering for a lot of skin tones and can be applied anywhere from cheeks and cupids bows, to forehead and eyes.
  • Bonus points for being a vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free brand.
  • Full-sized this highlight is 8ml, which is the same as the sample I got and it retails for $20. Looking at the picture on Trust Fund Beauty’s website though, my tube looks more like a deflated tire (so probably not completely full)…either way, an expensive little tube, but a lot does a long way.

ROYAL & LANGNICKEL: MODA Mettalics Eye Shader

  • Bleh, brushes. Usually, again, not a fan of tools because I am partial to the sets that I have (tried and true, don’t get bristles in my foundation, etc.). Trying to play devil’s advocate though, this is a really nice brush: it has a flat head that’s great for packing on eyeshadow pigments, but fluffy enough to blend with its tapered tip.
  • The handle is apparently waterproofed, so according to Ipsy, “won’t get damaged no matter how frequently you wash it.” I don’t know what they do to their brushes, but I usually only wash the parts that get makeup on them…maybe I’ve been washing mine wrong? (asking for a friend). The design on the handle is also pretty cool; it’s got a patterned texture, so it’s a bit easier to hold while applying makeup.
  • This is also a vegan and cruelty free brand (props to Ipsy for stepping up their game in this department).
  • This brush is full-sized and retails for $6.49; it’s part of a set of 24 gold-handled brushes with black/white ombre tips.

H2O+ BEAUTY: Oasis Hydrating Treatment

  • I’m all about a good moisturizer. I think it’s so easy to forget to do this before applying makeup and/or before bed, but it really does make a difference for skin.
  • The bottle says it makes hydration last for 24 hours with ingredients like sea grass extract (important for moisture retention) and water lily extra (conditions/softens skin).
  • All in all, I think this is pretty solid moisturizer that’s very budget-friendly. I know the H20 line is readily sold at places like Kohls and Ulta. The sample I got is 10mL and the full-sized version comes in 50mL for $38 (but it’s currently on sale at Ulta for $28). At full-price, this sample’s worth $7.60.

PURLISSE BEAUTY: Coconut Oil + Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

  • Purlisse is one of my favorite brand that I’ve discovered through Ipsy, and this new product did not disappoint.
  • Made with coffee grounds (aka superb exfoliators & sources of antioxidants), scrubs are great to improve circulation, firm, and tone skin. Word on the street is they’re a favorite to getting ride of things like cellulite and stretch marks (with regular use, followed by a moisturizer/lotion).
  • I like that this scrub also has coconut oil (so it’s less abrasive than other scrubs), plus it’s a sugar scrub (and not a sea salt one, again, less harsh on the skin).
  • Full-sized this product is 6oz and retails for $36. The sample I got is .7oz, so worth an estimated value of $4.20.

PAULA DORF COSMETICS: Bronzer in Bora Bora

  • I’m probably not the right person to review a bronzer because I hardly use them (pale people problems). However, I do like this product as a contour option because it’s buildable and can make you look chiseled without being orange.
  • Full-sized this product is 10g and retails for $36 (albeit in a different color); the sample I got is 2.1g, so worth an estimated $7.56.


That’s not bad for only $10, but out of the five products, I’d probably only use the moisturizer and scrub…maybe the highlight and bronzer if I’m feeling particularly inclined. This is almost the same price point that last month’s bag came to, and I noted how it fell below that of prior months. All in all, kind of a meh month, but at least it wasn’t a complete bust. Here’s hoping next month will include more than one full-sized product (of something I’d actually use).

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