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Relationships are work, and anyone that says otherwise is either not in one, or not being honest. I’m not talking like arduous, “is it five o’clock yet?” kind of work, but they’re something you have to commit to each and every day. That being said, it’s really nice when you come across something that helps make that commitment a bit more structured (at least for me, because lately I’ve been running around like a chicken without my head prepping for two back to back graduations and then studying for the bar exam this summer).

The first time I heard about “Date Night In” was around Christmas time, and I was intrigued by their business model because it’s literally an “all in one” date night that takes the guesswork out of a thoughtful night together with your significant other. Each month has a different theme; April’s is “Easy Like Sunday Morning.”


Fitting in with the theme of a lazy Sunday morning, the box’s activities are all included in a customized newspaper. Each box typically comes with: an activity (or several) to do with your partner (e.g. this month’s was “10 questions you never thought to ask” and a series of newspaper-like games to do together, like crosswords and fill in the blanks), a meal (complete with recipes for entrees and drinks), as well as a custom Spotify list to set the mood).

In addition to an itinerary of games and food, the box also includes snacks and add-ons that really make it an inclusive “date night in.” You don’t have to go anywhere or get anything (other than the food for recipes, which even those are super straight-forward like this month’s candied bacon, waffles, egg scramble, and blood orange mimosas).


If you consider an average date night out costing upwards of $100 (think brunch, drinks, parking, maybe even a baby or dog sitter), Date Night In is a cost-effective option to couples looking to do something for each other without breaking the bank.

More than that though, and what really made me want to try these subscription boxes, is that they bring more to the table than “Netflix and chill.” This box gave me and my guy an opportunity to pencil in time for one another.

Another cool component of these boxes is that if faith is important to the two of you, you can add a “faith-based” option to add to the date night experience. Date Night In also has a “Kids Night In,” which is a great option for families with little humans who want to get in on the fun (think kid-friendly snacks, games, and activities).

Overall, I’d say that this first box hit it out of the park for me. The theme was on point (#ILoveBrunch), the activities were really fun and laid-back, and the add-ons like local maple syrup and pressed tea drops made this more than a generic subscription box you might find elsewhere on the internet. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see what next month’s theme is!

Thank you, Date Night In, for letting us join in on the fun this month! We definitely had an easy morning (well, we did breakfast for dinner) together.

For pricing and more details about the boxes, check out Date Night In’s pages here:




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