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THEME: This month’s theme is “Flying Colors” in celebration of Pride! The looks featured on the Ipsy website are super vibrant, so if you’re planning to go to any festivals or parades, I’d definitely recommend looking at some of their tutorials. (I believe they’re also on YouTube if you don’t have an account on Ipsy).

BAG: Okay, Ipsy, you did well this month. I really liked this bag – it’s a tricolor of pinks and reds, super soft vinyl-like material with a metal zipper. Hands-down five stars for a great makeup bag that won’t get dirty and looks super sleek and cute.


FORMULA 10.0.6: Three Times Sublime

  • This is a three-in-one cleanser/exfoliator/and face mask. I really like the scent of this one (a little bit of grapefruit, but very subtle). It has jojoboa beads inside to help exfoliate your face (and/or body!). It’s also a great size as a travel carry-on or in an overnight bag.
  • Full-sized this item is 3.4 fl oz and retails for $6.99 at Ulta; this sample is 1 fl oz, so it has an estimated retail value of $2.05.

KALEIDO COSMETICS: Skin Blush in Primadonna

  • Who doesn’t love a good blush? The formula is light enough to give you a healthy pink glow with a swipe or two, but buildable enough to get those rosy cheeks with a few more applications. The shade I received is a lighter pink; the other option was more of a champagne nude blush.
  • What I like most about this blush is the packaging – it has a mirror and is very sturdy. Some blushes are super flimsy and end up cracking if you travel with them, but this one looks sturdy enough to pack in a bag and not worry it’ll get messed up in transit.
  • This sample came in one of two shades: Prom Queen or Primadonna (this was the one I got).  This item is full-sized at 3 g and retails for $8 on the company’s website.


  •  According to Ipsy, this is a “fancy eye cream,” which, at its price point, it definitely is. It absorbs quickly into the skin which is great if you’re in a rush, but I’d recommend only using it as an under eye cream because of the price (instead of the whole face, which I like to do with some less expensive eye creams…because they leave it baby butt soft).
  • Fun Fact: The founder of this company is an entrepreneur, scientist, biochemist, microbiologist, and skincare guru. Talk about an accomplished boss babe (with some pretty snazzy eye cream, too!).
  • Full-sized this item is .5 fl oz and retails for $54; this sample is .27 fl oz with a estimated retail value of $29.16. To be totally honest, I’m a little surprised at the price, but eye creams usually run a bit steep, so if you got this sample, you get to try a decently expensive eye cream for less than $10 (plus the other samples & bag).

ESTATE COSMETICS: Lip Icing in Goodie

  •  Y’all, I love lip gloss, and this one doesn’t disappoint. It does smell a bit sweet when you untwist it, but the color is so subtle. It’s a great topper to lipstick or to use just by itself. It has a bit of an iridescent gold sheen, plus is vegan and cruelty-free; what’s not to love?
  • I’m not sure if they’re testing out this product to see how it’s received by consumers, or if it was once sold and now is discontinued (LMK if you have any insight, I’m curious). Either way, this is a fun shade if you get the chance to try it (and the brand has a lot of other cute lippies on their site, too).
  • This item is not sold on the Estate Cosmetics website, nor anywhere else. I found it being resold on eBay for around $6 new, so I’ll make that the estimated retail price of $6.

MAKEUP FOR EVER: Step 1 Skin Equalizer Hydrating Primer

  • I first heard about this brand from a YouTuber who recommended this super sparkly white inner eye shadow. It was like glitter on crack and I only ever use it on special occasions because it’s so WOW, IN YOUR FACE. That being said, I really like this brand and how affordable their stuff is.
  • This primer has great packaging – the little nose makes it easy to squeeze out a tiny bit without dumping all of it onto your brush. The formula is light-weight and glides on seamlessly (would definitely recommend this or another primer before you put on makeup…it actually does make it last longer/look less caked on after hours of wear).
  • Full-sized this item is 30 ml and retails for $37 at Sephora; this sample is 5 ml (so 1/6 the full sized) with an estimated retail price of $6.17.


BONUS ITEM: Every month, Ipsy gives subscribers “points” for reviewing their glam bag as a whole, as well as for each individual item inside. I traded in a bunch of my points to get a Steve Laurant Lip Oil in Orchid which retails for $18 on the company’s website. (Total value of bag with this item: $69.78)

All in all, I’d say this was a better bag than previous months. There was variety of products (that I will actually use), the bag is cute and something I’d actually use, and I got to try some new brands that I haven’t before, like Dr. Lili Fan, Kaleido Cosmetics, and Formula 10.0.6.

This Ipsy subscription is paid for by 2LWithIt; all thoughts, opinions, and photographs belong to 2LWithIt.


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