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THEME: Summer treats? This is the first Ipsy bag that doesn’t have a monthly hashtag to share…but all of the promos are pools and popsicles and bikinis, so I’d hazard to guess it’s a generic summer theme (which I can’t complain about…it is summer…at least for some of you out there. I’ve spent the last three months indoors studying for 10-15 hours a day…).

BAG: Hands-down one of my favorites to date. I’m a sucker for anything in the blue/teal range, and this bag is a mix of both with its iridescent shimmer and sturdy metal/plastic zipper. I like that it’s got a wide circular pull to hold, so it doesn’t slip through your fingers while opening/closing. The plastic zipper itself gives the bag a bit of an athletic feel. Overall, a very well-constructed bag that could double as a pencil holder or on the go (to put in a purse or bigger bag) makeup/trinket container. I’d give a 10/10 on the bag.


SMASHBOX COSMETICS: Studio Skin Concealer in Fair

  • I have to give Ipsy major props for this sample. Not only is it FULL-SIZED, IN THE RIGHT SHADE (for me), but it’s also a brand that delivers (aka it’s not run of the mill drugstore/ rando brand makeup). Not that there’s anything wrong with drugstore makeup (I’m a HUGE fan because it’s great if you’re on a budget because they run beauty promos all the time), but I think it’s really cool that Ipsy would include a higher-end brand, and more than a dinky sample (did I mention it’s full-sized?!).
  • This concealer is pretty multi-functional. It helps with: dark circles, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and redness. What more could you ask for? OH, it’s also waterproof and sweat-resistant (so great for pool parties where you want that underdone, but not bare face look). I like that the formula isn’t super oily, but would definitely recommend using a beauty blender with it, because it is thicker coverage than more translucent concealers, like Covergirl or Maybelline.
  • This item is full-sized at .08 fl oz and retails for $25. Talk about BANG for your buck (can you tell I’m stoked about this item?!).

MELLOW COSMETICS: Creamy Matte Lipstick in Candy Floss

  • It was bound to happen. A while back, before I started writing reviews on Ipsy bags (probably when I’d just enrolled), I got a Mellow lipstick in a monthly bag. I contacted Ipsy because it legit smelled like playdough/ rotten and they addressed my concerns within two business days. {SIDENOTE: Their customer service is seriously the best (if you ever have a problem with a bag or an item, they fix it right away)}. However, this month, I got another Mellow lipstick…and again, it smells like playdough; it must be the dang formula! Ipsy says it has a “subtle vanilla scent,” but either my nose is jacked up or whomever did their description bios does not know what vanilla smells like. My vote is the second option.
  • Needless to say, NOT A FAN. My first Mellow lipstick was this beautiful mauve, but I felt like I was going to puke every time I popped the top off to apply it; this month’s Mellow shade is an obnoxious hot pink. The only time I could feasibly consider wearing this is for a costume (hello, Pink Ladies from Grease) or maybe a concert or festival…aka not an every day look. Pretty sure I’m 100% going to donate this without hesitation. Maybe someone else will love it; I think this shade would also look better on darker skin. Pale AF people just can’t pull off bright ass colors without looking like we detoured at the circus (or maybe that’s just me).
  • This is a full-sized lipstick with a retail value of $15.

CALLYSSEE: Caffeine Rush Nourishing Facial Sheet Mask

  • I love a good face mask. I hadn’t tried this brand before (so, thanks Ipsy for opening me up to new things). I like that the masks have arabica seed extra, which is an antioxidant that helps brighten up dark spots (thank you, law school).
  • The masks also have ginseng root extract which boosts collagen product, heals damage skin, and overall promotes more bright-looking skin. (What’s not to love?).
  • My bag came with TWO masks. These are full-sized products that retail for $28.50 for three…so $9.50 a piece (which is CRAZY EXPENSIVE for a sheet mask). That would make the estimated value for these two masks $19. Let’s just roll with that price point…

ELLA EDEN LONDON: Pressed Eyeshadow in Harmony

  • This is another new brand I hadn’t heard of before. It looks like it’s a London-based brand that specializes in pressed and loose eyeshadow.
  • I really like that this shadow is buildable and can double as: eyeshadow, blush, even a slight tint on top of clear lip gloss for a little peachy shimmer. The container doesn’t create a lot of fallout and is very durable to travel with (aka your shadow probably won’t get crushed smashed in with all of your other makeup while on the go).
  • The full-sized quantity of this item is not listed, so I’ll assume this is full-sized (it’s about the right size of a single eyeshadow pan). Full-size retails for $14 on the Ella Eden London website, so we’ll go with that.

SUGAR COSMETICS: Stroke of Genius Heavy-Duty Kohl in 03 Green Light

  • I’m not sure if it’s because the brand is a type of food, but DAMN this eyeliner goes on like BUTTER. At first I was like, “srsly, Ipsy, another damn eyeliner,” because I’ve gotten like five black ones in the past year alone. However, this one is GREEN (and the other shade offered was purple). It has the perfect amount of shimmer/sheen, glides on without that irritating stop and go some pencils give ya, and as an added bonus, is cruelty free.
  • I like that this formula is super pigmented, but at the same time can blend out really well with a finger or brush. It’s waterproof and can apparently last for up to 8 hours without smudging or fading. Two thumbs up for that if it doesn’t give you raccoon eyes after all-day wear (ya know, that super cute look when your eyeliner has reached your brows by the end of the day…we’ve all been there).
  • On their website, Sugar only sell this in black (so maybe this is a tester for future color releases). The black retails for $13.99, so it’s fair to guess that’d be the price for this one.


All in all, this is the most expensive Ipsy bag I’ve received to date! The last one that came even close was last October (see review here). That bag was worth an estimated $78! Without doing exact math, I’d say the average value of an Ipsy bag is around $35, so being almost triple that this month, YA GIRL DID GOOD!

That being said though, I think almost $10 per sheet mask is pretty exorbitant. Plus, I won’t be using the lipstick at all. If the sheet masks were more in line with other months where I’ve gotten cheaper sheet masks… to the tune of $2.50… this bag would be valued much less.

Overall though, I really like the bag and will definitely use 4/5 of this month’s products.

If you subscribe, what’d you get this month? Anything a great find? Definitely donation? 

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