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*This post is done in partnership with Date Night In Box (DNIB), but all thoughts and opinions are 2LWithIt’s*

I was in much need of a tropical vacation after the bar exam…and this date night hit the spot (without having to book plane tickets or a hotel!). I mean, it’s not actually the same as jet-setting to the Big Island, but this month’s box does an incredible job of recreating the sights, sounds, and scents of a romantic luau.

Each month, DNIB comes with a guide that walks you step-by-step through a date. There are no restaurant reservations required, no additional materials to get ahead of time (unless you want to cook the optional dinner/dessert/drink menu); it’s an all-inclusive date from start to finish!

I really like DNIB because it’s a great option for busy couples (oh, hey) that work (and may or may not be guilty of bringing work home). We make it work by penciling in time for DNIB and setting aside one evening to cook together and go through the activities in the box. It’s a better way to get to know your partner than sitting silently side-by-side in a movie theater…plus, the theme’s different every month, so you’re never doing the same thing twice!

DNIB is also a fun option for parents with new and/or young kids who don’t want to worry about planning a date night, only to have the babysitter cancel last minute and then you’re SOL. It takes the guesswork out of putting together something thoughtful to do with your significant other…and frankly, sometimes with hectic schedules, that’s worth its weight in gold.


This month’s theme is ALOHA!, which if you can’t tell by the salutation, is Hawaiian-themed. A portion of the proceeds from boxes purchased in June were donated to the Hawaii Community Foundation’s Island Volcano Recovery Fund, which was created in response to the eruption that happened back in May. (I’m all about companies that give back, plus I think it’s very clever how they tied in this month’s theme with the charity they’re donating to).

Every month there’s an optional menu, so I made two of the three dinner menu items because I was a little short on time studying for the bar. I tried the Hawaiian honey-lime fruit salad and the macadamia nut oatmeal cookies dipped in white chocolate.

Both recipes were packed with flavor! The fruit salad was light and refreshing, and you can sub in agave syrup if honey’s too sweet/high in sugar for you. I did the same thing with the cookies – one version with nuts and without (for an allergy-friendly version), and both held up quite well. If I were to repeat the no-nut cookie version, I might add some coconut butter next time because it was a little softer than the one with nuts (probably something to do with the healthy fats nuts add, but don’t quote me on that; if you actually do know, lmk in the comments)!

I will say, the cookies were so good, I had them as a staple snack almost every day in the last stretch of bar prep!


To set the mood, this month’s box also comes with a custom playlist (it changes up every month) and a Northern Lights Candles custom-scented Plum Orchid and Dalhia candle. It literally smells like a tropical vacation (and I’m picky about candles).

Drinks are the next item of business! Included are two Minute Mixology packets to make a coconut mojito and a margarita, you just have to add the booze and/or juice. (So this is perfect if you’re looking for a fancy drink with minimal effort, or want to skip the alcohol and try a mocktail).

I really like these packets because they’re great for travel (and much cheaper than those in-flight cocktail kits). They’re also super versatile to enjoy just with water and ice, or with a splash of juice and some garnishes. The box also includes some themed cups and tropical straws to set the mood!


Another thing I really like about this box is how much effort went into including authentic Hawaiian details. In the box you’ll find activities like: Kōnane (a Polynesian version of checkers), Aloha Bingo, and a game involving leis and learning the Hawaiian language.

All in all, I think this might be our favorite DNIB to date. It was so much fun, from start to finish, and we can’t wait to see what next month’s theme is!

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