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*This post is done in partnership with Date Night In Box (DNIB), but all thoughts and opinions are 2LWithIt’s*

After last month’s festive Hawaiian-themed box, this month’s date night is a bit more low-key. Date Night In Box (DNIB) is a monthly subscription “date box,” that provides everything from the soundtrack and eats, to the games and activities, all in one place! It takes the guesswork out of planning a thoughtful date with your significant other; the two of you just have to make time to do it!

This month’s theme is Dream Together, inspired by DNIB’s founder whose inspiration for this box was how she set goals to create DNIB. Like creating a company, couples can set goals and work together to build a successful relationship.

Honestly, this box is a lot more simple than previous boxes, which was pleasantly refreshing! It’s much more conversation-based than previous months, with only two games: a dreamcatcher project and a dream-themed scattergories activity. This month’s included recipes are refreshing takes on appetizer salads, so if you’re looking for something light, they’ll hit the spot!

While we weren’t really feeling the optional dinner menu when we had our date, we did make the dessert: fluffy coconut and almond macaroons. We made some without nuts because I can’t eat them, but both versions were really, really good. We will definitely be repeating this recipe! Did I mention they were super easy to make?!


Like last month, subscribers will find a custom-scented candle from Northern Lights in this month’s box. The Tahitian vanilla and exotic oud wood notes help set the mood as you scribble away your dreams on first, your own “dream list,” and then a combined “our dream list.” I really like this activity because it helps you see what your partner prioritizes as important in his/her life and helps you two better align the goals you’d like to accomplish together as a couple.


This month we also tried the optional add-on discussion, formerly called “Faith Night In Box.” Instead of being a separate box, it is now an extra guide couples can have included in their boxes. The guide includes discussion points, verses, as well as prayers that can be read together. You can get as deep or as surface level as you’d like with the discussion responses. Personally, I really enjoyed having this optional discussion guide, because while I’m more matter-of-fact, my partner is more philosophical, so it was interesting to see how we approached the topics so differently. It was definitely an opportunity to learn and grow with one another.

All in all, I think the simplicity of this box was a much needed reprieve from the hustle and bustle that’s been going on lately. As always, looking forward to next month! If you got a box, I’d love to know if you and your date had any good takeaways from this month’s box!


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